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Welcome to, where our passion for snakes and reptiles runs deep. We are a small team of dedicated snake enthusiasts based in the USA, Australia, and Canada. Our team is made up of experts in the field of venomous snakes, with decades of experience in studying, handling, and caring for these fascinating creatures.

Our love for venomous snakes and reptiles started at a young age, when we were captivated by their beauty, power, and mysterious nature. As we grew older, our passion only intensified, and we knew that we had to share our knowledge and expertise with the world. That’s why we founded, a platform where we can share our love for these amazing creatures and educate people on the proper care and handling of venomous snakes and other reptiles.

Our team members have spent countless hours in the field studying snakes in their natural habitats, observing their behavior, and learning about their unique characteristics. We have also spent years working with venomous snakes in captivity, honing our skills in handling and caring for these creatures.

At, we believe that education is the key to responsible snake ownership and conservation. We are dedicated to providing the most accurate, up-to-date information on the care and handling of venomous snakes, as well as other reptiles. We believe that by sharing our knowledge and expertise, we can help people better understand these fascinating creatures and appreciate the important role they play in our ecosystem.

Our team is made up of individuals from all walks of life, but we all share a common goal: to promote responsible snake ownership and conservation. We believe that everyone has the right to experience the beauty and wonder of venomous snakes, but we also believe that this privilege comes with a great responsibility. That’s why we are committed to educating people on the proper care and handling of venomous snakes, as well as the importance of conservation efforts to protect these amazing creatures for future generations.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey of discovery and education. Whether you are a seasoned snake enthusiast or just starting out, we have something for everyone. From informative articles and expert advice to breathtaking photos and videos, we are your ultimate resource for all things venomous snakes and reptiles.

Thank you for visiting We hope that our passion and dedication to these amazing creatures inspires you to join us in our mission to promote responsible snake ownership and conservation.

Take A Glance At Our Journey Till Now

  • 2006-2020: Growing Strong
  • 2021-2022: Hibernating Due to Technical Issues
  • 2023: Back and Better Than Ever with Fresh and Valuable Content!