Why do cats get stressed?

The stress It not only affects humans, but many other animals, such as cats, also suffer from it. This stress can be so sharp What chronic and, knowing its symptoms and its treatment in advance, it can be treated at the root to prevent it from being a problem that affects the general health of the cat.

Any change in a cat’s routine can be likely to cause stress. Having a healthy, safe and familiar environment for cats will prevent them from becoming stressed, but we cannot always ensure an environment with these characteristics.

Get ahead of situations that can generate stress in our cat will make us know how to act to avoid it and, of course, knowing how to treat a stressed animal will generate much more confidence in him. In this article we tell you the symptoms of stress in cats and what to do if you observe them in your feline.

Symptoms of stress in cats

know the causes that generate stress in our cat will make us know how to act in this complicated situation for him.

Some of the most frequent reasons for this stress in cats are:

  • Changes in lifestyle.
  • Fear.
  • recurring pain
  • Excessive noises.
  • The presence of another animal at home.
  • Malnutrition.
  • Severe punishments.
  • Lack of sandbox maintenance.
  • The presence of strangers at home.
  • Bad nutrition.
  • temperature changes.
  • hair loss

Keep in mind that more than one cause may cause stress, so watch your cat’s behavior for any signs of discomfort, which may be:

  • Compulsive washing.
  • Aggressiveness.
  • Intense marking of nails or urine.
  • Stop eating.
  • Show aggressive or unusual behaviors in him.
  • Relieve their needs in places other than their litter box.
  • Presence of diseases.
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Treatment for stress in cats

If we suspect that our cat has stress, it is advisable to take him to the vet to examine you and determine that, indeed, the reason for your discomfort is that you are stressed, ruling out any other problem.

It is best to always follow the specialist’s advice, but we can also help reduce our pet’s stress by following a series of guidelines, such as not disturb his surroundings if he feels safe in which you have or create a stimulating environment with toys or scrapers. This is because cats can sometimes suffer stress from boredom or frustrationso having around him objects that stimulate him both physically and mentally can prevent him from ending up stressed if this is the cause.

Anticipate and prepare our cat in certain situations, such as moving or visiting, it can prevent you from having a hard time in case that stress is occasional. Also leave him to his own devices when we see that he is not interested in contact with humans due to being overwhelmed, he can make it go no further.

The use of synthetic pheromones It can also help de-stress our cat. There are different formats of pheromones on the market that will help to calm down, but if you don’t know what is the source of your cat’s stress, this solution will not be 100% effective; You should always find the reason for that discomfort to try to solve it.

To have two cats instead of one get along It can help them not to get stressed due to boredom, since they will not be alone and they will be able to entertain themselves playing with each other. Of course, do not adopt another cat to de-stress the one you already have, because when you introduce them and start living together they can trigger stress not only in one, but in both animals.

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If, despite doing everything possible to prevent the cat from becoming stressed, it ends up suffering from it, the vet may prescribe some drug to reduce this stress or even recommend that you see a specialist in feline ethology.

My cat is stressed, what can I do?

It is normal that, as owners of a cat, we want to help you in this type of situation. Being aware of them and their behavior and character We will avoid, to a certain extent, situations that can put our feline’s health at risk.

cats have a very independent personality, very different from that of dogs, so they need their space. This is especially important when dealing with a stressed cat, as forcing contact with them can backfire and make them more stressed or even aggressive towards you.

keep a distance and at the same time, let them know we are available for them when they need it is a good step that can earn us their trust. If, in addition, we speak with a very calm voice Y we use slow movementsthey can feel safer and will be able to trust us more.

offer them awards to create a stronger bond can help our cat trust us more and let us help him in cases of stress. Let them come closer instead of usonly when requested, and pet them on the head and back, avoiding the legs and bellywill give him much more peace of mind and will make him relax in the most stressful moments for him.

Also, the main thing is treat and solve the causes of stress of cats. If you don’t know what causes these animals stress, don’t hesitate to go to a specialist that you know exactly what may be happening to you and what the solution to the problem may be.

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Remember that this article is informational only and that, in the event of any more serious problem, you should visit a veterinarian as soon as possible to avoid more serious situations.

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