What to do with the ashes of your deceased dog?

We understand how complicated it is to say goodbye to your pet and in this post we will give you ideas on what to do with the ashes of your deceased dog, so that you can always feel it close to you. Only those people who have gone through this hard experience know the pain that is experienced and how complicated it is to say goodbye to a family member, but there are many ways to always keep him in mind and remember what we experienced together, it is the best therapy for get over it

The stage of grief after the death of your dog

It is the law of life and we all know it: unfortunately our pets do not live as long as we would like and we are sure that more than once you have stopped to think what to do when your best friend and companion has to leave. In addition, there are many cases in which it is necessary to consider euthanasia and this makes the situation more complicated, even if it is carried out to avoid suffering to the pet and the procedure is totally respectful and humane. How difficult it is to say goodbye!

cremation or incineration

The cremation or incineration of pets is a mandatory process in Spain and can be carried out in two ways:

  • Individual cremation: with ash recovery.
  • Collective incineration: no ash recovery.

You should know that in most pet crematories they will give you both options, individual cremation being a higher price, but you have the possibility of being able to recover the ashes of your deceased dog. Although normally, the owner is not in direct contact with this type of company, since it is the Veterinary clinic or the insurer, which is in charge of the entire procedure.

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On the other hand, in no case should the decision to dispose of the body of a pet be made without first having complied with current regulations:

  • Your veterinarian will manage the request to remove the deceased pet from the animal identification registry. That is, fill out a form that you will sign as the owner. In addition, this will remove the microchip.
  • The animal will be sent to an authorized pet cremation company.

Did you know that burying a pet in a field or near a river is dangerous? This could cause significant biological contamination and would be very harmful to other living beings and fauna. At Tiendanimal we want to insist on the importance of always acting consistently and responsibly. The planet belongs to everyone and we must take care of it!

What to do with the ashes of your deceased dog?

Always carry your best friend with you with personalized objects

Today there are ways to keep your dog close, as there are great ways to carry his ashes with you, such as with key chains or other personalized objects.

Indeed, jewelry such as the pendant with your pet’s ashes or charms for your bracelets, among others, are increasingly in demand by people who want to keep alive the memory of their best friend, who has undoubtedly been one of the family and what a lot of good times he has given you.

There are actually different varieties when it comes to their designs. Also, at first glance it looks like a accessory like any other, but only you will know what it means, since they are very discreet pieces.

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Keep your dog’s ashes

Likewise, there is a whole variety of urns in which to keep your dog’s ashes:

  • metallic
  • wood
  • ceramics
  • biodegradable

Biodegradable urns are very fashionable lately, for example, made of materials such as cardboard or salt. In addition, with this type of container, you know that you are lending a hand to the environment, since they do not pollute and contribute to good work for our planet earth.

One idea that seems very nice to us is to plant a tree: there are urns that have a deposit in the lower part, in which the ashes are placed and where the tree will put down its roots, and in the upper part, a compartment with the soil and the seeds.

Apart from this, there are other products that are marketed to preserve your dog’s ashes. So you can find from photo frame type urns, to others that can be personalized.


Other options for your dog’s ashes:

Each person is different and we all have, in some way, the ability to pay tribute to our loved ones. When a pet has to leave, it is a difficult stage, but we are sure that its essence will always remain and the best way to overcome this trance is to try to remember the good times lived.

bury his ashes: use an urn and put it in the place you prefer: the patio of the house, the garden, the area of ​​the plot where his shed was placed… This way you will know that your best friend is still present in some way, present and you will be able to wink when he does miss you, knowing it’s there.

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Disperse the cremated remains: Without a doubt, it is another way to pay tribute to him. You can throw them in a garden or patio where you have enjoyed together. Do you know that today there are companies that dispose of furry ashes in outer space by means of launches? This is undoubtedly the most expensive option.

In our online store Tiendanimal you can find the objects that Anima sells, all of them specifically designed so that the mark that your pet has left on your life is never erased. We encourage you to take a look at their selection, as it is really interesting.

If you have recently lost your pet, remember that you still have a lot of love to share and think that a part of your heart will always be occupied by its footprint, but there are many other animals that are waiting for a companion like you. Dare to adopt and be happy with other furry ones always without forgetting those who have already left us!

And if you want to know more about adoptions, such as what I should take into account to adopt a dog, here we tell you!

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