Uncovering the Hidden Meaning of Snakes in Dreams According to the Bible

What Does the Bible Say About Snakes in Dreams?

The Bible is full of symbolism and hidden meanings, and snakes are no exception. In the Bible, snakes often represent evil or temptation, but they can also symbolize wisdom and protection. In dreams, snakes can have a variety of meanings depending on the context of the dream. To uncover the hidden meaning of snakes in dreams according to the Bible, it is important to look at how they are used in scripture.

Snakes as Symbols of Temptation and Evil

One of the most well-known uses of snakes in the Bible is as symbols of temptation and evil. In Genesis 3:1-5, a serpent tempts Eve to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. This story is often interpreted as a warning against giving into temptation and sinning against God. Similarly, in Revelation 12:9, a great dragon is described as “the ancient serpent” who leads people astray with his lies and deceptions.

In dreams, snakes can represent temptation or evil forces that are trying to lead you astray from God’s path. If you dream about a snake trying to bite you or otherwise harm you, it could be a warning from God that you need to be more vigilant against temptation or evil influences in your life.

Snakes as Symbols of Wisdom and Protection

Although snakes are often associated with evil in the Bible, they can also represent wisdom and protection. In Numbers 21:8-9, Moses lifts up a bronze snake on a pole so that anyone who looks upon it will be healed from their snakebite wounds. This story has been interpreted as an example of Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins; just as looking upon the bronze snake brings healing to those bitten by real snakes, looking upon Jesus brings salvation from our sins.

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In dreams, snakes can represent wisdom or protection from danger if they appear friendly or helpful. If you dream about a snake offering advice or guidance, it could be an indication that God is trying to lead you down His path with His wisdom and protection. Alternatively, if you dream about being protected by a snake from some kind of danger or threat, it could be an indication that God is watching over you and protecting you from harm.


The hidden meaning behind snakes in dreams according to the Bible depends on how they are used in scripture; while they often represent temptation and evil forces trying to lead us astray from God’s path, they can also symbolize wisdom and protection when used positively in scripture stories like Numbers 21:8-9. By understanding how these symbols are used in scripture stories we can gain insight into what our own dreams may mean when we encounter them during sleep.