The Best Snake Fencing That Actually Works: Reviewed and Ranked

Grassy gardens and yards are a paradise for snakes since they have all things that snakes love. Unfortunately, while most encounters are due to searching for shelter, water, and food, some places are just prone to snakes. 

You may try deterrents, wildlife control, or even traps, but they will only give you temporary success. 

But you can keep your garden popping off all kinds of vegetation and still keep off the snakes without killing them. 

That is why snake fencing is essential, as it’s a non-toxic solution that won’t harm the environment or animals. 

A snake fence is a barrier erected on an existing wall, gate, or fence. The fencing is an excellent alternative to snake repellents. 

We have reviewed the five best snake fencing that will actually work. 

A-Z-Animals Top Picks for Snake Fencing

#1 Best Overall: Amagabeli 36-Inch Galvanized Fence 

Key Features 

  • Material: Hot-dipped, galvanized, welded wire
  • Opening: 1 inch x 1 inch
  • Size: 48 inches x 100 feet
  • Gauge: 17

Our top choice of snake fencing is the Amagabeli 36-Inch Galvanized Fence, a galvanized rustproof fence that gives you peace of mind. The hardware cloth is ideal for keeping snakes away from your garden or yard. The holes are only a quarter-inch, which is too tiny for snakes to get through. 

In places like Colorado, small rattlesnakes and copperhead snakes are rampant. 

You need to dig shallow trenches to ensure the fence is partially underground to keep these animals at bay. The double zinc-coated cloth is rustproof and galvanized for maximum longevity. Besides, the wider weave is not too stiff to ensure the material conforms to a rolled shape.

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Use this protective fence to guard flower roots and vegetables against tunneling animals. 

#2 Premium Choice: MTB Black PVC Coated Hardware Cloth Snake Fence

Key Features 

  • Material: Hot-dipped and galvanized hardware cloth
  • Opening: ¼ inch x ¼ inch
  • Size: 36 inches x 50 feet
  • Gauge: 23

Keep snakes off your home with this heavy-duty hardware cloth. The MTB fence is made from high-quality PVC-coated material to ensure long-term use. The material is suitable for making outdoor welded roll fences. The solid and durable welded mesh delivers a heavy-duty construction. 

The hardware mesh snake fencing is designed with various gauge sizes to help you build a fence that will suit your needs. The fence makes a perfect barrier for giant snakes, thanks to its durability. In addition, the lawn netting is designed to protect your garden, plants, crops, and fruits from snakes, birds, and other animals. 

#3 Best Value: Nueve Deer Hot-Dipped Galvanized Snake Fence 

Key Features

  • Material: Annealed steel wire
  • Opening: ¼ inches x ¼ inches
  • Size: ¼ inches 36 x 50 feet
  • Gauge: 23

The Nueve Deer fence is made from galvanized black annealed steel wire to make it solid and durable. After welding, the galvanized material is anti-rust and anti-corrosion to keep the fence looking good for many years to come. 

The hardware mesh is manufactured using eco-friendly methods without inferior materials or shoddy work. The mesh can work underground for several years with global uniform standards. Apart from keeping snakes away, the fencing is ideal for garden fences, soil sifters, critter fences, and stucco meshes. 

#4 Best Snake Fence: LAN JIA Galvanized Hardware Netting Snake Fence 

Key Features

  • Material: Annealed steel wire
  • Opening: ¼ inch x ¼ inch
  • Size: 1/4” mesh 36 x 100ft
  • Gauge: 23

The Lan JIA quarter-inch hardware cloth is made from solid black annealed steel wire material, which is galvanized after welding. This makes the material rust- and corrosion-proof. 

Additionally, the fabric features quarter-inch square openings suitable for snake fences. It’s a versatile fence with many applications, including critter netting, rodent wire, chicken fencing, and rabbit wire fence. 

The Lan JIA snake fence is a great choice that balances usability and durability. 

For the best result, dig deeper to ensure the fence is well anchored. It also requires minimal maintenance. And with its incredible durability, you won’t have to change the fence frequently. 

Best Snake Fence

LAN JIA 1/4 Hardware Cloth Snake Fence

#5 Best Galvanized Fence: Decorlife Galvanized Wire Mesh Snake Fence

Key Features

  • Material: Steel
  • Opening: ¼ inch x ¼ inch
  • Size: ¼ inches 36 x 100 feet
  • Gauge: 23

Last on our review list is the heavy-duty Decorlife Galvanized Wire Mesh snake fence. Made from a 23-gauge galvanized wire, the product provides a double coating for minimum corrosion and is rustproof. 

In addition, the durable steel wire weave is easy to cut with scissors. Although robust, the wire mesh can be folded or molded as needed without much pressure. 

With quarter-inch openings, the material is superior in blocking small and large snakes. Besides, it can keep rabbits away and protect your fruits, and vegetables from other critters. 

To prevent snakes from invading your home, dig a shallow trench (two to three inches) to anchor the fence firmly underground. 

Choosing the Best: What to Look For

You need the best product to give you peace of mind by protecting your yard, gardens, animals, pets, and kids. To choose the best snake fence for your garden, consider the following factors:

  • The material used
  • Height of the fence
  • The durability of the fence

The Material Used

Snake fences are made from different fabrics, with the most common material being metal or wood. 

Steel fences are known to be strong, durable, and aesthetically appealing. Wood is also a good choice as long as it is smooth. Adding wire mesh prevents small snakes and critters from getting through. 

Height of the Fence

Snakes do not have a good grip on smooth walls, so climbing a fence will present some challenges. However, if they can get something to hold on to, they can climb. So a three-foot-tall snake fence is the most ideal. 

The Durability of the Fence

Snake fences can be expensive. So you need something that will last for years. 

A solid metal or wood metal fence should hold strong even under harsh weather conditions or when a horizontal force is applied. In addition, choose anti-rust and anti-corrosion products. 

The Different Types of Snake Fencing: Pros and Cons Compared

When it comes to snake fencing, treated wood, aluminum, or galvanized wire mesh is your best bet. 

Aluminum Wire Mesh Fences

Pros! Cons!
Lightweight Not the strongest fence you would want
Flexible to any shape but still sturdy
Resistant to corrosion
Quite affordable compared to other mesh fences
Requires minimal maintenance

Galvanized Stainless Steel Fences

Pros! Cons!
Heavy-duty for added durability Quite expensive
Has a resilient protective coating to prevent rusting
Holds up pretty well under extreme weather conditions

Treated Wood Snake Fences

Pros! Cons!
Wood fences age beautifully Needs high maintenance
Compared to aluminum or steel, treated wood is less expensive Treated wood decomposes compared to natural wood
It is insect and fire-resistant

Verified Review: User Experience

The Amagabeli 36-inch galvanized fence is our top choice. Many users were impressed with its sturdiness and toughness. Alex, a verified user, had this to say: “Ok it’s costly for a wire mesh. But it’s a very sturdy and well construct wire mesh.” 

Raquel, another verified user, was full of praise for its toughness: “This stuff is great to work with and looks very tough, not like chicken wire.”

The MTB Black PVC Coated Hardware Cloth Snake Fence is our premium choice for a good reason. Amanda, a verified user, was impressed with its ease of working with: “It was very easy to cut and maneuver and not at all hard to work with.”

Nueve Deer Hot-Dipped Galvanized Snake Fence is an affordable fence yet excellent quality. Voigt, an experienced user, had this to say: The product is high quality – has been out in very wet weather and no signs of rust…”

Many users praised the Decorlife Galvanized Wire Mesh Snake Fence for its excellent service. As John, a verified user, found out, you won’t ever regret purchasing it: “The screen wire exceeded expectations. Will make my chickens and rabbits happy and safe.” Besides, it’s easy to work with, as Sandi would tell you: “Easy to work with and just what I wanted.”

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