The best pet inventions of the last decade

If we look back, we will see that during the last decade many advances and innovations have been achieved in relation to pets, opening up even more the range of possibilities regarding their possession, care and enjoyment. From advances in food to all kinds of inventions for our best friends, we can certainly speak of a great decade for the animal world. Here we will present you the best pet inventions of the last decade.

The best feed and wet food

If there is an area that has undergone a revolution in particular during these last 10 years, it is undoubtedly food.
For many years we have had a variety of feed from which to choose the best option for our dog or cat, but now this variety has expanded significantly.

The revolution of natural food, grain-free or adapted to the different needs of each animal (dietetic, for different intolerances, etc.) are the most notable entries in the market.

Also noteworthy is the incorporation of options into the market such as natural food prepared and packaged as if it were a Tupperware to take to the office. We also now have a much wider range of wet food, also adapted to any need that our furry has. This option, along with the entire variety of natural feed, is one of the favorites and has been best received by pet owners.

Electronic devices for entertainment and care

Other great advances that we can highlight come from the hand of technology; They have not only made life easier in many ways for humans but also for our four-legged friends.

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For example, now we can know where our pet is at all times thanks to GPS devices integrated into the collar, so if at any time it were to get lost, we would locate its position quickly from our mobile phone.

There are also many surveillance cameras with integrated microphones and speakers that allow us to see our pet at home while we are away and talk to them so that they are more relaxed and calm; many of them also have interactive games that dispense snacks to keep our friend entertained during the hours that we are not with him.

Devices for transport and security

Another area where notable improvements have also been made is in transport and travel safety. Whether for dogs or cats, the variety of products that we can find on the market is much broader than a decade ago and of course the best pet inventions of the last decade that we have been able to identify are:

The wide range of safety harnesses that we can find on the market has multiplied considerably. They are especially recommended for dogs, as they can hold pets using the seat belt.

These devices allow the boot to be enabled for the transport of large animals in family-type vehicles. The stability of both the seat backs and the grill assembly must be taken into account so that the protection is adequate.

Undoubtedly one of the safest items to safely transport our pets.
For large dogs, it is usually placed in the trunk and will be placed as close as possible to the backrest and in a transverse position with respect to the direction of travel.

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For small pets, carriers should be placed inside the car, on the floor behind the front seats.

It is important to remember that it should never be placed on the seat secured by a seat belt, since it is possible that in a collision the carrier could break and the pet could be thrown out of it.

protection for furniture

In the best inventions for pets, cat owners have been the great beneficiaries of the advances that have occurred. Thanks to the wide variety of products that we have within our reach to protect our furniture from the claws of our cat, we will never have unpleasant surprises when we return home.

The scratching posts that adapt to the corners of the sofa or the walls are one of the favorites for cat owners, since they guarantee that our little friend can scratch and groom his nails without damaging our furniture.

These are just some of the most notable examples of the progress that has been made in recent years to improve the lives of pets and their owners; how have they helped you?

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