The 7 Best Snake Guard Chaps You Can Buy Today

Key Points:
  • Snake guard chaps protect a person’s legs and ankles from the possibility of snake bites. People who deal with snakes, or those who may be going to an area where snake encounters are likely can benefit from owning a pair.
  • The best snake guards will be made of puncture-proof material with underlying layers of material to safeguard against a snake’s long fangs.
  • Two types of snake guard chaps are full-protection from the hip to the ankle, and knee-below protection from the knees to the ankles.

Snake guard chaps are a great way to protect yourself from snake bites. They are not only reserved for people who generally deal with snakes. Wearing one on a simple walk through the woods could quite literally save your life.

Most people, however, purchase snake guard chaps when they know they are in snake season or will be heading to an area that is known to have high snake activity. The goal is to keep yourself and those around you safe from harm.

While snake guard chaps could be a bit pricey, they are nothing compared to the hospital costs you could incur from a snake bite. So, an investment in good snake guard chaps is a great idea.

The question now remains, what makes a good pair of snake guard chaps? Are there any features to watch out for when buying them? We have answers to questions like these and more below. Here’s our review of the seven best snake guard chaps you can buy today.

  1. Rattler Snake Proof Chaps
  2. Rattler Snake Proof Chaps

    • Affordable pricetag
    • Puncture-proof protection
    • Ankle-to-knee coverage
    • Water-resistant coating
    • Available in camouflage or dark brown
    • Adjust straps for perfect fit
    • Available in seven sizes

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1. Best Overall- TurtleSkin Snake Chaps

TurtleSkin snake chaps are the best overall on this list for many reasons. It was a game-changing moment when TurtleSkin entered the Snake Chap market with its puncture-resistant material. Initially created for NASA airbags, they found that this material could have other applications. Thus TurtleSkin snake chaps were born.

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You won’t find a better endorsement for snake chaps anywhere. This material is lightweight, durable, breathable and also flexible. You can easily wash it, and it offers you three color options from which to choose. Also, it’s been tested on real snakes and is certified water and windproof.

Best Overall

TurtleSkin SnakeArmor Total Protection Snake Chaps (Regular/Regular)

2. Best Value Snake Chaps- ForEverlast Snake Chaps

The ForEverlast snake chaps offer you lower leg protection from snake bites. They are durable as they are made from nylon and age well. Their adjustable straps also make them easier to use with hunting gear and other protection.

You might have to wear a belt when you use this snake chap, but it is adjustable for height which is a great feature. Since it covers the pant leg, it protects your upper leg from briars and thorns too. The ForEverlast snake chaps are also waterproof and come with a camo design to help you blend in.

Best Value

ForEverlast Snake Guard Chaps

3. Best Snake Chaps For Kids- Crack Shot Kids Snake Chaps

Adults are not the only ones who need protection from snakes. However, it can be hard to find the right snake chaps that do not hamper movement and make your kid uncomfortable. The Crack Shot kids snake chaps solve that problem.

Only about as stiff as a pair of jeans, these snake chaps are made of sturdy material which offers protection. They are an excellent choice for camping, hiking or other outdoor activities like games. It comes in eight sizes, so you won’t have an issue finding the right size too. Plus, it looks cool, so your kids will love it.

Best for Kids

Snake Chaps for Kids

4. Best For Protection From Water- Dan’s Snake Proof Chaps

People who need protection from water alongside snake bite protection will love Dan’s snake-proof chaps. These waterproof chaps are made from durable material which will protect your lower legs from bites.

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It comes with a rubber sole and nylon, making it an excellent choice for hikers who need mobility. A cumbersome snake chap could be a disadvantage in situations like that. It is also great for hunting and is very well constructed.

Best for Water Protection

Snake Proof, Briar Proof, Waterproof Hip Waders

5. Best For Large Size Snake Chaps- Gamehide Snake Chaps

If you need a heavy-duty snake chap that comes in a large size, then you should try the Gamehide product. They are reinforced with an extra layer of fabric and are waterproof too. Hunters will love these particular snake chaps.

The straps on this chap are easily adjustable, and the leg openings are wide, making it great for mobility. Tall people will especially love this brand. You won’t find yourself feeling squeezed or too tight when using these snake chaps.

Best for Larger Bodies

Gamehide Briar-Proof Upland Hunting Chap

6. Best Insured Snake Chaps- Crack Shot Khaki Snake Chapz

Crack Shot’s Snake Chaps come with a Cordura like material and rigid plastic panels to protect you from snake bites. It is, however, relatively lightweight and guaranteed snake-proof with insurance! You’ll love how inexpensive it is too.

Crack Shot Khaki Snake Chaps offer ankle to thigh protection and come in about six different sizes. You’ll also love that the fabric used is water repellent and stops venom. It is also waterproof above the knee.

Best Insured

Crackshot Snake Chapz Full Protection

7. Best For Affordability- Rattlers Snake Protection Chaps

Rattles Snake Protection Chaps are popular because they offer protection from snake bites at a great price. They are puncture-proof, too and offer ankle to knee protection alongside water-resistant coating.

Rattles Snake Protection Chaps come in camouflage or a dark brown pattern which is excellent for the outdoors. The straps are also adjustable for size, and there are still seven different sizes to choose from.

Choosing the Best Snake Guard Chap: What to Look For

Selecting the best snake guard chap is a function of protection and comfortability. So there are some crucial factors to watch out for when making your decision. Here are some of them.


You need to have snake chaps that fit if you want the best protection. Wobbly pieces may be out of the way when you need them the most! Also, take into account things like moisture and possible rainfall. You don’t want your snake chap sliding down and leaving you unprotected because it is soaked.


It is crucial to choose snake chaps that are made from excellent materials. It needs to have a thick layer on the outside to protect you from piercing. This layer should then be followed by several padding, which will help catch the fang and prevent it and the venom from getting to you.

After those layers should be the waterproof aspect of your snake chap. This is important for people like hunters and hikers who sometimes need to keep moving. Then finally, a comfortable layer that will be next to your jean or whatever pants you wear.


As much as you need the many layers for protection, you also need to be able to move and perform well. So, a great snake chap, while having those layers, will be flexible and lightweight at the same time.   

The Different Types of Snake Guard Chaps: Pros and Cons Compared

There are two major types of snake guard chaps: knee-below protection chaps and total protection chaps. Both of them work as their names describe.

Knee-Below Protection Chaps

With the knee below protection, the argument is that most snakes strike at places the knee and below. So, these snake guard chaps offer protection from snake bites from the knee and below.

Pros Cons
Might still offer protection from things like thorns and briars above the knee. Does not offer effective protection for snake bites above the knee.
Price is lower
Easier to move with as emphasis is on the knee and below  
More comfortable than total protection in some cases  

Total Protection Chaps

Total protection chaps offer you complete protection up to your hip area. Most of them are tested and proven effective against snake bites for the entire coverage area.

Pros Cons
Offers full leg protection from briars and thorns too. Can be a little uncomfortable depending on the brand.
Total protection from snakebite More Expensive
The more protection you have, the better

Verified Review: User Experience

TurtleSkin Snake Chaps

Reviewers for the TurtleSkin Snake Chaps proclaim it the best overall among others, just like we have. As this user puts it, “Bought these to thwart Rattlers and South Texas brush where everything has thorns. These work great keeping nasty thorn out of my legs when entering brush. I am very happy with them.

However, you might need to ensure that what you ordered is what you got. This user seemed to have received a different version after their order. “I would verify what model you are purchasing, the model shown was not what arrived. The picture showed it being strapped to your belt, what arrived was fixed to the waist belt that made it more cumbersome and far less adjustable. Quality seemed fine, just not what was advertised”

ForEverlast Snake Chaps

ForEverlast Snake Chaps is loved because of its lower price and the excellent protection it offers. Users also confirm that it gives protection from thorns and briars. Read the following review by a buyer “I live in the desert. Had a rattler strike me while wearing these chaps. Glad I had them on ’cause the fangs did not penetrate. They also keep thorns from tearing my jeans apart. They can be a little warmer to wear, but what is not in the desert when it is over 100.

However, most users who did have a problem with these snake chaps mentioned a slight problem with the belt buckle. This user says, “They’ll do the job intended, I believe. Fairly comfortable, but the straps, I have to “tie” them after snapping them on, or they will loosen up and slip down. I just pull them up as high as I can and then tie the strap with a knot. Not ideal, but it works.

Crack Shot Kids Snake Chaps

Parents who bought these kids’ snake chaps found it helpful and loved working with the seller. They also say that the size worked perfectly. As this reviewer puts it, “Good quality! The seller was great to work with to get correct sizes.

The one parent who had a problem with the size processed returns with no issues with it at all. As they put it, “Nice but was too small for my daughter. Tight on the thighs had to send back. Customer service was great in helping.

Dan’s Snake Proof Chaps

Buyers of Dan’s Snake Proof Chaps admit that the product is durable and an excellent offer for the price. As one reviewer put it, “quality seemed really good.” Buyers, however, had a bit of problem with getting the suitable sizes for them or their partners. One buyer had this to say “There isn’t an option to choose the length of the chaps, so they are way too long.

Gamehide Snake Chaps

Buyers of the Gamehide snake chaps were happy with how effective the product is. Several used it to carry out their activities without harm. As this reviewer puts it, “These chaps are great for hunting upland game and rabbits. I use them in the desert, where there are a lot of cactus and thorns, and they hold up great each time. They are very sturdy in the front and are loose enough in the back to have full range of motion.

However, a few buyers of this product had a bit of a problem with the strap. This reviewer voices the issue out best “The material and zippers? Perfect. The snaps? Worthless. My infant daughter’s onesies have better snaps.”

Crack Shot Khaki Snake Chapz

Most reviewers of the Crackshot Snap Chapz gave it a five star to show how well it worked for them. Who wouldn’t love that this snake chap can protect against even needles? One buyer, however, seems to be disappointed and expected more protection. “Maybe I expected more snake bite protection. The material from the knee to the top is just a thin stiff canvas material without any snake bite proof material.” This is, however, consistent with a knee-below protection chap like the Snake Chapz.

Rattlers Snake Protection Chaps

Buyers of Rattles Snake Protection chaps highly recommend it as it is durable and long-lasting. This buyer puts it best “This is my 2nd Rattlers Chaps. I still have the originals, but after 25 years, they have begun to show their age. I use my chaps when I’m hunting or when I’m working on the ranch, partly for snake protection and also to turn briars and thistles. In cold weather, the chaps stop the wind, which allows me to remain warmer. In wet conditions, the chaps keep my legs dry. Highly recommended.

Customers dissatisfied with the product pointed out that they had to alter the thighs to fit slightly. They were, however, fine after that. As this writer puts it, “Chaps are well made and true to size. Like most chaps, they are made for men, and I had to alter them to fit (getting a size large enough to fit my thighs would have left my ankles swimming, so I got the size to fit from the knee down and altered the top).