The 7 Best Snake Boots You Can Buy Today

Snakes can be found in every continent of the world except Antarctica. So, if you love the great outdoors, the chances are that you’ll come across them once in a while. In that case, you’ll need good boots to protect your feet.

So, what qualifies as good boots when protecting your feet from snakes? Is it the one that is most comfortable for your feet? How about the material used to make it? Does the height of the shaft matter?

Well, all of those things play a role when finding a good boot that can protect your feet. Some manufacturers are known for making boots that meet the above criteria and more. Many people looking for a great pair start their search with them.

With many options on the market, deciding on which boots to go for can be challenging. So, we’ve done some research to help you narrow things down. Here are the seven best snake boots you can buy today.

  1. Thorogood Men’s Snake Boots
  2. Thorogood Men's Snake Boots

    • Sturdy design provides ample protection
    • Comfortable fit
    • Waterproof boots keep feet dry
    • Slip-resistant sole offers security in slick spaces
    • Zipper makes putting on and taking off easy
    • Easy to clean

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  3. LaCrosse Men’s Waterproof Hunting Snake Boot
  4. LaCrosse Men's Waterproof Hunting Snake Boot

    • Lightweight boot is super comfortable
    • Waterproof material keeps feet dry
    • 100% rubber design keeps legs and feet safe from snakes
    • Flexible fit with plenty of ankle support
    • Four layers of shock-absorbing cushioning
    • Washable waterproof membrane

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1. Best Overall – Thorogood Men’s Waterproof Boots

The Thorogood Men’s 17″ waterproof boots are the best overall snake boots in the market today. The boots offers the sturdiness and protection of a snake boot while keeping your feet comfortable. It is very affordable too.

The rugged and waterproof hunting boot comes with many valuable perks like a zip to make putting it on and taking off very easy. There is also a dual-density polyurethane foot bed which is removable in this boot. You’ll find it useful for long hikes, and you can take it out to make your boot cooler in the summer.

The Thorogood Men’s Water Proof boots are also waterproof and easy to clean. You’ll love that this boot offers 360 degrees protection from snake bites and a slip-resistant rubber outsole.

Best Overall

Thorogood Men's Snake Boots
Thorogood Men’s Snake Boots

  • Sturdy design provides ample protection
  • Comfortable fit
  • Waterproof boots keep feet dry
  • Slip-resistant sole offers security in slick spaces
  • Zipper makes putting on and taking off easy
  • Easy to clean

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2. Best For Women – Chippewa Women’s Snake Boot

Made of Cordura fabric and leather, the Chippewa 15″ is our best snake boot pick for women in the market today. It has a fabulous design while remaining light due to the use of Cordura. You’ll also love that it has a steel shank to give your feet that extra level of protection from bites.

Another reason why these boots are amazing is that it offers excellent toe room and feels snug while remaining comfortable. You won’t get heel blisters with it, and it has elasticized goring to make wearing it easier. The Chippewa snake boots are a great way to look stylish while staying safe from harm.

Best for Women

Chippewa Women's 15" Pull On Snake Boot

3. Best For Hunting – Irish Setter Snake Hunting Boot

The Irish Setter hunting boot combines lightweight, comfortability and shock absorbance to make it an excellent tool for hunting. If you have a hunter friend, this is definitely the boot to gift them. Created by the Red Wing Boot brand, which has been in existence since 1950, this boot ticks all the marks.

Your Irish Setter boots will fit like a second skin while remaining comfortable. There’s a side zip to make putting on and taking off easier. You’ll also love the shock absorption this boot offers while giving you a grip over even surfaces like moss.

The best feature, however, is its abrasion-resistant textile. With this, your boots will keep looking as good as new no matter what you put them through. It is also waterproof with technology to allow air to circulate around your feet, leaving them cool and dry.

4. Best Waterproof Snake Boots – LaCrosse 4xAlpha

Since the LaCrosse 4xAlpha has a serious look, people are often surprised to discover that this waterproof boot is lightweight. It is made of 100% rubber with a design to help you camouflage while staying protected from snake bites.

The LaCrosse 4xAlpha is also known for its flexibility and ankle support. It provides lots of toe room even for people with wider feet and has four layers of cushion to absorb shock. What you’ll, however, love most is the waterproof membrane which is effective and can be removed for cleaning.

Best Waterproof

LaCrosse Men's Waterproof Hunting Snake Boot
LaCrosse Men’s Waterproof Hunting Snake Boot

  • Lightweight boot is super comfortable
  • Waterproof material keeps feet dry
  • 100% rubber design keeps legs and feet safe from snakes
  • Flexible fit with plenty of ankle support
  • Four layers of shock-absorbing cushioning
  • Washable waterproof membrane

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5. Best For Comfort – LaCrosse Men’s Boot With Zipper

LaCrosse is one brand with great snake boots, and that’s why they’ve made this list twice. With this particular boot, you get the perks of the above 4xAlpha, including a zipper. This gives you ease when putting and taking off this boot.

While also made of rubber, this boot comes in three camo design options. If you are the outdoor type who enjoys swamps, deserts and forests, you’ll love these options. Add that to the waterproof membrane, scent dry lining, comfortable fit and snakebite protection, and you have a winner.

Best for Comfort

LaCrosse Men's Venom 18" Hunting Shoes

6. Best For Hiking – Rocky Retraction Boots

Are you going on a hiking trip and worried about snakes? These knee-high retraction boots by Rocky are the answer. With it, you’ll feel comfortable and secure the whole way. It is also made to be durable and slip-resistant.

The Rocky Retraction comes with a waterproof feature and zips that keep everything out. Snakes, bugs, and the likes. You also get memory foam and an inner lining made to keep your feet comfortable and dry. The camo top also gives this but a stylish and cute design.

Best for Hiking

Rocky Men's RKS0243 Knee High Boot

7. Best For Affordability – Rocky Low 16″

We’ll be ending our best snake boots you can buy list with another Rocky product. This one is, however, known for its affordability. If you’re looking for budget boots with excellent protection from snake bites, this is the one for you.

It comes in two color options, is waterproof and has an EVA footbed which is known for excellent comfort. You’ll also love that this boot is easy to put on and slide off due to a side zip. It offers decent outside grip due to a rubber outsole too. The Rocky Low Country is also easy to clean and doesn’t need to be broken in. How wonderful is that?!

Best for Affordability

Rocky Men's 16 Inch Snake Hunting Boot

Choosing the Best: What to Look For

The first thing to watch out for when it comes to snake boots is if they offer excellent protection from snake bites. You should also watch out for things like comfort, weight and how water resistant they are. Below is a breakdown of some of these attributes.


While you may need to break in most snake boots before they start to feel comfortable, there are other comfort measures to note. For example, how does the heel height feel? Does it come with insulating liners? How about the insole and arch support?


When heading out on a hike or hunting, you need a lightweight boot that leaves you sore. The best snake boots offer excellent protection while remaining lightweight, as you can see from our list. Please note that you might need a boot that is on the thicker side if you intend to wade through water.

Water Resistance

While many snake boots are water-resistant, they might not be waterproof. People who intend to wade through water for long periods with their boots should go for the Rocky products on our list. They are made of 100% rubber making them waterproof.

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Snake Bite Protection

There are many innovative ways that snake boots protect their wearer from snake bites. The primary materials used are wood, plastic and metal. You could also have genuine leather, which is strong enough to protect from bites.

Or the popular textile fabric that combines being water-resistant with snakebite protection. Other examples are Neoprene, a kind of rubber, and the Razer Gaiter nylon, which is also waterproof.

The Different Types of Snake Boots: Pros and Cons Compared

Snake boots come in many types but are mainly categorized by the material used to make them. Below are some types of snake boots you can buy today with their pros and cons.

Leather Snake Boots

These types of snake boots are the easiest to find on the market. They have great designs and are comfortable to wear but need regular care.

Pros Cons
Lots of options Have to be cleaned regularly to stay in shape
Lovely designs that are fashionable Not waterproof
Water resistant Have to be broken in
Great for hunting and hiking You might need to wear socks
Comfortable to wear  

Textile Snake Boots

Textile or canvas snake boots are the easiest to maintain and are comfortable too. They are primarily water-resistant too.

Pros Cons
Easy to break in Might not be the best for swamps
You don’t need to wear socks Not all versions are waterproof
All you need to do in terms of care is wash under cold water Not as common in the market

Rubber Snake Boots

When it comes to wading through water and mud piles, rubber snake boots take the lead. They are waterproof and very effective at keeping your feet dry.

Pros Cons
Waterproof Might not have a great design
Great for bad weather hikes Prone to scratches and tears over time
Soft but sturdy  

Verified Review: User Experience

Thorogood Men’s Waterproof Boots

Reviewers love how comfortable and easy to put on these Thorogood Men’s waterproof boots are. Many also found them true to size and very effective when it comes to protecting against snake bites. As this user testifies, “Worked a rattlesnake festival and have went snake hunting in these boots. Took more than 100 strikes/bites over the week, and they held up very well.

Some users complained about having problems with the zip on one boot not working. However, once this user contacted Thorogood, they were ready to send in a replacement “The zipper on the right foot boot broke the first time I wore the boots. I contacted manufacturer Thorogood, and they were very helpful and said they would replace the boots.

Chippewa Women’s Snake Boot

Reviewers who could find their perfect size report these boots as comfortable and excellent protection. The boots were reported as lightweight and of excellent quality. This reviewer puts it best “Snake season came early in Southern California this year, and Western rattlesnakes have great camouflage. It’s nice to have some protection while I walk my property and clear brush. These boots are lightweight and very comfortable. The quality is very good, and they are made in America! They have plenty of toe room and were comfortable from the first wearing.

However, you might have a bit of a problem with sizing when it comes to the Chippewa snake boot. Most users with complaints seemed to have a problem with getting the boot in their proper size. This user had to keep trying till they got it right “I love this boot, but due to the construction, I found I needed to size up one full size. (I’m normally an 8.5, but a 9 was still too small. I ended up purchasing a 9.5 elsewhere, and it was perfect.)

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Irish Setter Snake Hunting Boot

Users who love the Irish Setter enjoy how lightweight this boot is. These boots are also great for protection from snakebites. This user testifies to that effect “I own numerous pairs of snake boots because I hunt the swamplands of Florida. None are as comfortable and as light. A real pleasure to wear. These work. I was struck by a very large cottonmouth on my last trip. Just think of the thousands of dollars they saved me in doctor bills and health-related problem later. The bite was mid-calf. One fang hung for a second in the material, and then he was gone. Never penetrated. Happened so fast if I had not been wearing the boots, I would have had a very serious problem.

Users who have a problem with these boots seem not to like the new design with zippers as they are prone to breaking. “I had a pair of these I bought a few years ago and dearly loved them. They were so comfortable it was like walking around in athletic shoes. Very lightweight but very sturdy and rugged. So, I decided to order another pair for when the day these wore out eventually. To my disappointment, they had changed the design up some, and with that, the comfort went with it.

LaCrosse 4xAlpha

Customers love the LaCrosse 4xAlpha for how comfortable it is when worn. As this user puts it, “I’m 50 years old. I have hunted as long as I can remember. I even hunted rattlesnakes in a club for 25+ years. I’ve been through a lot of different snakeproof boots (at least a dozen), and not many of them are very comfortable. This one is the most comfortable I have found yet. I can wear them all day.”

You might, however, have some issues with sliding them off after wear, as this user complains, “I wear a size 10.5 so bought the 11. They are VERY narrow around the ankle, which made them really hard to get on…but IMPOSSIBLE to get off without help.

LaCrosse Men’s Boot With Zipper

If you’re looking for comfort and lightweight customers, say that this is the boot to buy. “These are the most comfortable and lightweight snakeproof boots I’ve owned yet. I really like that they are 18″ high. I ditched a cheaper brand 15″ snake boots that are really uncomfortable around my ankles. This boot is very comfortable, and I feel safer from a snake bite.”

Everyone, however, advises that you go a size up when ordering these boots if you want the best fit. You might also need to watch out for the zipper. “Just got these a few hours ago and have been wearing them around my house now for a few hours. Plain and simple, they are outstanding! Light! Comfortable! It is true what they say, though, that you need to go one size larger; they run small. I’m a 10, and I ordered an 11, and there’s just enough space in front of my toes for insulated socks in the winter. I’ve seen some complaints about the zippers, and so far, I’ve used them with no problem, although my left one did hang up on me for a second.”

Rocky Retraction Boots

The rocky retraction boots are comfortable and great for hiking, as stated. You’ll love how comfortable they are. You might, however, have to go a size up when making your purchase. “Wore boots for several days at the hunting camp last week. Were more comfortable than I expected. I bought one size higher than my normal shoe size because I like to wear a heavy sock for comfort, and I am glad I did. I was not able to fit my pant leg inside the boot since I have big calf muscles.”

Rocky Low 16″

The Rocky Low 16″ are the cheapest on our list and still do a great job of protection like the rest. Reviewers like the one below were very happy with the results “Second year on them and no issues. Got tagged by a large cottonmouth, and all was good.”
However, there seemed to be a problem with the zippers, which the company appears to have fixed “My 1st pair of these boots, had the zipper that most poor reviews are complaining about. The inner liner would get caught in the zipper! But as luck would have it, this pair ran small on the left, so a replacement pair was issued. The new pair had a much heavier duty style zipper, and the inner flap does not get caught up in this style of zipper… A much-improved zipper! These boots fit well, are super lite, and are waterproof.”

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