The 6 Best Heat Lamps for Your Pet Reptile

Key Points

  • The best overall heat lamp for reptiles or pet snakes is the Zilla Premium Reflector Dome.
  • Most of the heat lamps that we’ve included fall in Amazon’s best choice category for reptile habitat and environment supplies. Others are those with a high number of positive confirmed customer reviews.
  • Reptiles need both UV light and heat, so you will need to invest in two heat-resistant housings for the different types of blubs
  • The placement of the heat lamps is critical to ensure that it’s at a safe distance from your reptile not to burn their skin but close enough to keep them warm.

Reptiles are cold-blooded animals. This means that they cannot regulate their own body temperatures and depend on the heat and light from the sun to keep warm. But how do you help your pet reptile, snake, bearded dragon, gecko, or tortoise keep its body temperature in check when it’s kept inside a terrarium?

Heat lamps are your best friend when it comes to providing heat and light for your pet reptile. They allow you to imitate the sun’s energy and regulate your reptile’s body temperature.

This article will cover the 7 best heat lamps for your pet reptiles or snakes that you can buy in 2022.

Best Overall: Zilla Premium Reflector Dome

Best Overall

Zilla Pet Reptile Premium Heat Lamp Reflector Dome Fixture, 8.5 Inches

Why it is a standout heat lamp

The Zilla Premium Reflector Dome comes from Zilla. This company is a well-known supplier of reptile products. The dome comes in 2 sizes depending on the amount of power you need, 5.5 and 8.5 inches. The larger size can house a wide range of incandescent, fluorescent, and ceramic heat-emitting bulbs. There is a spring attached to it that you might use to hook it to your snake or reptile’s terrarium, but it might fall off. So you might need an additional clamp to keep it in place. With about 5000 reviews on Amazon, this lamp does an excellent job of keeping pets warm!

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You can get this reflector lamp for $16.59 in 5.5-inch and $23 in 8.5-inch varieties.

Pros and Cons of Zilla Premium Reflector Dome

Pros Cons
Heat resistant ceramic socket No clamp or hanger with it
Suitable for the normal 150-watt bulbs Doesn’t work well for long bulbs
Comes in 2 sizes White inside that doesn’t reflect light as well as metal

Best Clamp Lamp: Woods Clamp Lamp 

Why it is a standout heat lamp

The Woods Clamp Lamp is a lamp with a 10-inch reflector and a 6-inch clamp connected to it. While this lamp is not designed specifically for heating reptiles, it is set up perfectly for this use. What makes this lamp stand out is that it can easily clip onto anything, so it works perfectly as an extra heating lamp if your terrarium needs a bit more power.

You will likely need another heat lamp to get enough energy to heat your reptile’s terrarium unless you have a small terrarium. This lamp meets all the required safety standards for reptiles and is fire and heat safe. So, you can rest assured that it is a reliable heat lamp to use in keeping your pet reptile warm.

You can purchase this lamp on Amazon for just $16.6.

Pros and Cons of Wood Clamp Lamp

Pros Cons
Versatile design that can easily be attached to any part of your terrarium Might need to purchase 2 lamps to effectively heat a larger terrarium
Lamp meets all safety standards and is fire/heat safe Short power cable
Lightweight lamp with a strong clamp that will not easily fall off Only available in one size

Best Basking Spot Lamp: Fluker’s Sun Dome

Best Basking Spot Lamp

Fluker's Sun Dome Reptile Lamp - Deep Dome Flush Mount Light Fixture

Why it is a standout heat lamp

The Fluker’s Sun Dome is explicitly designed for setting up a sun-basking spot for lizards and reptiles. It can also be used as a general heating lamp, but it may not have enough power to heat up the entire terrarium.  This is because the blub helps focus light on a specific spot instead of spreading it all over a vivarium, owing to the shape of the lamp and the bulb.

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The only other drawback would be that it doesn’t come with a clamp to attach it anywhere. Nevertheless, if you’re looking to make a basking spot for your reptile, this should be the lamp of choice for you.

The price of this lamp is $23, which seems reasonable for a 10-inch dome.

Pros and Cons of Fluker’s Sun Dome

Pros Cons
Suitable for high voltage 100-watt lamps Clamp is sold separately
Perfect basking lamp for lizards and snakes Dome might not fit in small aquariums or vivariums
Safe to use in terrariums Easily tips over on flat surfaces
Easy to assemble Not suitable to heat an entire terrarium

Best Adjustable Heat Lamp: TSLIVE Reptile Heat Lamp

Best Adjustable Heat Lamp

Reptile Heat Lamp, UVB Bulb, UVB Reptile Light Fixture, UVA UVB Reptile Light, Aquatic Turtle Heating Lamp, Turtle Aquarium Tank Heating Lamps Holder & Switch with 4 Heat Bulbs--Black

Why it is a standout heat lamp

The TSLIVE Reptile Heat Lamp is a unique reptile heating light with many useful features. It comes with an 11-inch stand, a clip, and a high heat-resistant bulb housing. It can be used as a heating solution in almost every kind of habitat.

The adjustable stand comes in handy if you wish to change the spot you’re directing the heat towards. This lamp heats a specific spot rather than the entire terrarium, so your pet reptile or snake can move into the heat when they wish to get warm and out if they want to cool down. The bulbs use a mixture of UVA and UVB light. The most stand-out feature of the TSLIVE Reptile Heat Lamp is that the heat can be adjusted using a dial on the lamp.

And you can get it for just $17 on Amazon.

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Pros and Cons of TSLIVE Reptile Heat Lamp

Pros Cons
Adjustable stand Material is not very durable
Heat is directed in a specific spot so the reptile can move out of the heat to cool down Can only take 25- and 50-watt bulbs
Adjustable brightness and temperature Localized heating only means that you may also need another heating source such as a heating pad or larger heat lamp

Best Safe Design: Reptile Heat Lamp with Guard

Best Safe Design

Reptile Heat Lamp Guard Ceramic Heat Emitter Basking Heater

Why it is a standout heat lamp

The Reptile Heat Lamp with Guard is a very handy lamp that suits almost any kind of reptile or snake. It comes with a metal guard that encloses the lamp so your pet reptile or snake can’t accidentally touch the bulb and potentially burn itself. The cables are also coated in iron, which makes them resistant to being bitten.

The main problem that most users have with the product is that the guard may get very hot, so you might have to turn it off occasionally.

You can get this guard lamp for $26 on Amazon.

Pros and Cons of Reptile Heat Lamp with Guard

Pros Cons
Insulated socket Doesn’t get as hot as aluminum dome bulbs, but still gets very hot
The protective cage around the bulb allows you to put the heat lamp in the reptile’s cage Installing the lamp and bulb is a bit more complex than other models
Can use up to 200-watt bulb Heat bulbs are not included
Iron coated wires to prevent biting

Best Dual Lamp: REPTI ZOO Dual Reptile Light Fixture

Best Dual Lamp

REPTI ZOO Dual Reptile Light Fixture for Reptile Dome UVB Light Fixture Dual Lamp Cap Combo Integration Design Heat Lighting Lamp Kit

Why it is a standout heat lamp

The REPTI ZOO Dual Reptile Light Fixture is a relatively new but popular heat lamp with two bulbs in one. It has ventilating holes all around to dissipate excess heat and prevent it from overheating, which makes it a very durable option. The lamp can be used for a few different types of heating bulbs, such as ceramic heat bulbs, UVB UVA basking spot bulbs, UVB bulbs, daylight and nightlight, and infrared.

It costs $34.62 on Amazon.

Pros and Cons of REPTI ZOO Dual Reptile Light Fixture

Pros Cons
ETL certified Too big for smaller tanks
Dual lamp Hook isn’t very sturdy
Heat resistant lamp  Delicate switch that may short out after a year of use
Can handle up to 150-watt bulbs

Criteria: What to Look for in Heat Lamps

Here are some things you must consider when looking for the right heat lamp for a pet snake or reptile:

  • Material: The lamp should preferably be made of ceramic, which makes it less likely to overheat, unlike aluminum ones.
  • Ventilation: Holes in the casing make for good ventilation to dissipate any heat and make the lamp last longer.
  • Type: Decide whether you’re looking to heat a spot or an entire vivarium, and choose a dome or adjustable lamp accordingly.
  • Size: Based on how big your reptile and its terrarium are, find an appropriately sized lamp.
  • Price: Your budget will also play a big role in deciding what kind of heat lamp to get. You want to ensure you get a product with good value – something that will last and not cost you an arm and a leg.
  • Credibility: To ensure your heat lamp is safe and lasts, consider purchasing a product from a well-known company with plenty of reviews to back the quality and durability of the product.

The 4 Different Types of Reptile Heat Lamps

There are many different types of reptile heat lamps, each with its different pros, cons, and use cases. Some of the most common include:

  • Incandescent bulb lamp – This type of lamp emits white light and provides heat and light simultaneously.
  • Mercury vapor bulb lamp – This lamp emits both UVA and UVB light. Snakes don’t need UVB light, so consider this for other reptiles, such as lizards instead.
  • Infrared reptile light – This lamp is designed to be used at night and is a good source of light and heat.
  • Ceramic heat emitter – This type of lamp provides heat and not light. They are less likely to overheat and can be used at night as well as during the day.

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The 6 Best Heat Lamps for Your Pet Reptile FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What is the price range for a reptile heat lamp?

A reptile heat lamp can cost anywhere between $15-40.

What is the best overall heat lamp

The best overall heat lamp for reptiles or pet snakes is the Zilla Premium Reflector Dome.

Why do snakes need heat lamps?

Snakes, like all other reptiles, are cold-blooded animals. This means they can’t regulate their body temperature. Hence, they require an external heat source, such as heat lamps, to do that for them.

How can I keep my reptile warm at night?

Besides using a heat lamp, you can also use a heating pad on one end of the terrarium so that one side stays warm for when your cold-blooded pet needs to warm up.

How long can reptiles go without a heat lamp?

Reptiles need warmth to survive. Try to keep the heat lamp on all day and night, but if the lamp must be turned off for whatever reason, ensure it’s no longer than 24 hours. 24 hours without a heat lamp can harm these cold-blooded animals.