Sightings of Snakes on the Rise in New York State

Snakes Slithering Through New York State: Sightings on the Rise

New York State is home to a variety of wildlife, including snakes. In recent years, sightings of these slithering creatures have been on the rise. While some people may be alarmed by this news, it is important to understand why these sightings are occurring and how to safely coexist with snakes in the area.

What Types of Snakes Are Found in New York?

There are several species of snakes that can be found in New York State. The most common species include garter snakes, milk snakes, rat snakes, and northern water snakes. All of these species are non-venomous and pose no threat to humans or pets.

Garter snakes are small and typically have stripes running down their backs. They can be found near bodies of water such as ponds or streams. Milk snakes are also small and usually have a pattern of red, black, and white stripes running down their backs. Rat snakes are larger than garter and milk snakes and can be identified by their grayish-brown coloration with darker blotches along their backs. Northern water snakes are also large and can be identified by their dark brown or black coloration with lighter colored bands along their sides.

Why Are Snake Sightings Increasing?

There are several factors that could be contributing to the increase in snake sightings in New York State. One possible explanation is that the milder winters have allowed more snake populations to survive throughout the year. Additionally, as humans continue to encroach on natural habitats, they may come into contact with more snake populations as they search for food or shelter in new areas.

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Another factor could be an increase in awareness about snake populations in the area due to increased media coverage or educational programs about local wildlife. This could lead people to report more sightings than they would have previously due to a greater understanding of what types of animals live in the area and how to identify them correctly.

How Can People Coexist With Snakes?

The best way for people to coexist with snake populations is by understanding how they behave and taking steps to avoid contact with them when possible. It is important for people to remember that most snake species found in New York State are non-venomous and pose no threat if left alone. If a person does come into contact with a snake, it is best not to try and handle it but instead leave it alone so it can go on its way without any harm being done.
It is also important for people who live near areas where there may be higher concentrations of snake populations such as near bodies of water or wooded areas, take steps such as keeping grass trimmed short or removing debris from around their property which could provide shelter for snakes looking for food or shelter from predators or extreme weather conditions such as heat waves or cold snaps during winter months . Additionally, if someone has pets that spend time outdoors it is important for them to keep an eye out for any signs that a snake may have taken up residence nearby such as shed skin or tracks left behind after rainstorms which could indicate that there is a higher concentration of snake activity nearby than normal .

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Finally, if someone does encounter a snake while out hiking or camping it is important not to panic but instead remain calm and slowly back away from the animal while giving it plenty of space so it can go on its way without any harm being done . It is also important not remember that most species found in New York State are non-venomous so there should not be any cause for alarm if one does encounter one while out enjoying nature .


Snakes play an important role in maintaining healthy ecosystems throughout New York State so it is important for people living in the area understand why sightings may be increasing and how they can safely coexist with these animals when encountered outdoors . By taking steps such as keeping grass trimmed short around one’s property , removing debris from around one’s property , keeping an eye out for signs indicating higher concentrations of activity nearby ,and remaining calm if one does encounter a snake while out enjoying nature ,people can help ensure that both themselves and local wildlife remain safe .