See the Jumbo-Size Rattlesnake Caught Relaxing in Woman’s Living Room

Rattlesnakes are feared by many. These misunderstood creatures can be found in most of the United States and are known for, and named after, the rattle on the end of their tail that shakes when predators are near. 

Any outsider naive enough to approach a rattlesnake receives a clear message from a rattlesnake’s maraca-like tail shake: “Stay away!” The snakes use an aural sleight of hand to make it appear as though they have suddenly appeared when that message is disregarded.

When an Oak Park woman returned home to discover a sizable rattlesnake living in her living room, it was a disturbing sight. The ultimate example of a developing Southland snake problem may be caused by California’s prolonged drought in 2015. 

rattlesnakes in california
A rattlesnake on guard in Northern California.

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The unwelcome guest, which was over four feet long, was perched on a ledge. Debbie Wittlin, who shouted to her husband as soon as she saw the snake resting close to a window, makes this statement: “I was shaking, sweating. I was scared.”

They believe it entered through the front door after leaving it ajar for a bit as they loaded their cars. Firefighters swiftly removed the rattlesnake, which was shaking its tail, from the Oak Park residence as they arrived. They claim it to be one of the largest rattlesnakes they have ever seen, particularly inside a house.

An Unwelcomed Visitor

“He took up the width of this windowsill and his little head. He was all the way down here and then he raised his head and his tongue came out,” says the homeowner. Oak Park firefighters are accustomed to dealing with snakes; in fact, snakes are featured on their symbol. 

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Yet, according to reports, the 2015 snake season has been one of the busiest ever due to the drought. Wittlin claims that throughout her 24 years of living there, she has never ever seen a snake, much less one that has slithered inside.

There’s a considerable likelihood that snakes may visit your property at some point, despite where you reside. Although experts agree that this might be beneficial for your yard, when these reptiles decide to venture further into areas where people live, they could become a problem.

Snakes are an important component of the environment whose hunting techniques can get rid of pests in your garden and yard. Reptiles can, nevertheless, occasionally enter homes in search of food. 

If you have mice dwelling in your attic or on your property, there is a very good chance that snakes will also be there because many snake species hunt rodents for sustenance. Thankfully, this large rattlesnake wasn’t hurt and is living back in the wild where it belongs! 

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