Rough-Legged Hawks Make a Comeback in Utah

Rough-Legged Hawks Soar Through the Skies of Utah

Rough-Legged Hawks, a species of raptor, are making a comeback in Utah, a state known for its wide variety of wildlife. The hawk, which is also known by its scientific name, Buteo lagopus, is one of the most recognizable species of hawks in North America. They are usually seen soaring in the sky or perched atop a telephone pole. The Rough-Legged Hawk is a medium-sized hawk with a wingspan of up to four feet, and can be distinguished by its dark body and white patches on its wings and tail.

A Long History in Utah

The Rough-Legged Hawk has been a part of Utah’s wildlife for centuries. The hawks were once found throughout the state, but their numbers began to dwindle in the mid-20th century. The reasons for their decline are still unknown, but some experts believe that it could be due to habitat loss, human disturbance, and the use of pesticides. As a result, the Rough-Legged Hawk was listed as a species of special concern in Utah in 1984.

Recent Resurgence

In recent years, however, the Rough-Legged Hawk population has begun to make a comeback in Utah. The hawks have been spotted in a variety of habitats, including wetlands, open fields, and grasslands. The hawks are often seen hunting for small mammals, such as voles and mice, and can be seen flying in large circles over the landscape in search of prey.

The Rough-Legged Hawk is also a common sight in the skies above Utah’s national parks. The hawks are often seen perched atop trees, or soaring above the canyons and mountains. The hawks are also a popular sight at the Great Salt Lake, where they can be seen swooping down to catch fish.

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Conservation Efforts

The resurgence of the Rough-Legged Hawk population in Utah is due in large part to the efforts of conservationists and bird enthusiasts. Organizations such as the Utah Wildlife Action Plan (UWAP) are actively working to protect and restore habitats for the hawks, as well as other species of raptors.

The UWAP is also working with landowners to create and protect habitat for the hawks. In addition, the organization has implemented a program that provides incentives for landowners to establish and maintain habitat for the hawks, as well as other raptors.

What You Can Do

There are several things you can do to help the Rough-Legged Hawk population in Utah. First, you can help to protect their habitat by respecting the land and taking steps to ensure that it is not disturbed. You can also report any sightings of the hawks to the local wildlife authorities.

In addition, you can help to support the conservation efforts of organizations such as the Utah Wildlife Action Plan. You can do this by making a donation, or becoming a volunteer. Finally, you can spread the word about the Rough-Legged Hawk and its importance to Utah’s wildlife.

The Future of the Rough-Legged Hawk

The future of the Rough-Legged Hawk in Utah is looking brighter as the population slowly begins to rebound. The hawks are a beautiful and unique species that can be seen soaring through the skies of Utah. With the help of conservationists, bird enthusiasts, and everyday citizens, the Rough-Legged Hawk will continue to make a comeback in the state.

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