Michigan Residents Warned of Venomous Puff Adder Snake

Michigan Residents on High Alert for Venomous Puff Adder Snake

Residents of Michigan are being warned to be on the lookout for a venomous snake species that has recently been spotted in the area. The puff adder snake, also known as Bitis arietans, is native to Africa and is considered one of the most dangerous snakes in the world. It is believed that the snake was introduced to Michigan by an exotic pet owner who released it into the wild.

What Does a Puff Adder Look Like?

The puff adder is a large, heavy-bodied snake with a wide head and triangular-shaped snout. It can grow up to three feet long and has a distinctive pattern of dark brown or black diamonds along its back. Its belly is usually yellowish or grayish in color. The puff adder also has two large venom glands located behind its eyes, which can inject venom into its prey when it strikes.

What Are the Dangers of a Puff Adder?

The puff adder’s venom is highly toxic and can cause severe pain, swelling, and tissue damage if not treated quickly. In some cases, it can even be fatal if left untreated. The venom contains neurotoxins that can cause paralysis and respiratory failure if not treated immediately with antivenom. Additionally, the puff adder’s bite can cause an allergic reaction in some people, leading to anaphylactic shock or even death.

How Can Michigan Residents Protect Themselves from Puff Adders?

The best way for Michigan residents to protect themselves from puff adders is to be aware of their presence in the area and take precautions when outdoors. If you come across a puff adder while hiking or camping, stay away from it and do not attempt to touch or handle it. If you are bitten by a puff adder, seek medical attention immediately as antivenom may be necessary to treat your symptoms.

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It is also important for pet owners to keep their animals away from areas where puff adders may be present as they can easily become victims of this dangerous snake’s bite as well. Finally, if you spot a puff adder in your yard or neighborhood, contact your local wildlife authorities so they can take appropriate action to remove it safely from your area.


Michigan residents should remain vigilant when outdoors as there have been reports of sightings of the dangerous puff adder snake in the area recently. By taking proper precautions such as avoiding contact with these snakes and seeking medical attention immediately if bitten, residents can help protect themselves from this potentially deadly species of snake.