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Limerince on TikTok has gained popularity over a short time. Let’s know more about the user.

TikTok has a platform for many regardless of their ages. It has allowed anyone to express themselves in any way, posting videos, with challenges or promoting their business.

Limerince is on TikTok is also known as Sasha, who has got massive followers and many likes. She has also mentioned that she has been banned six times on social media.


Who Is Limerince On TikTok? Her Biography

Limerince, the account on Tiktok is famous among the Tiktok user. There is hardly any information or her biography found on the web. She was born in the United States of America.

She is a digital creator. Most of her content is based on trends, beauty, lip sync, and comedy. She began using Tiktok on January 2022 only and yet made many fans like her content.

The star must be a student and might not get much time to develop creative content due to her studies but it seems like she would do much better and provide entertaining posts in the future.

Her videos are usually short about a few seconds. But, she has lot not less than 100K on each post up to 2 million views. 

What Is Limerince Age?- Her Instagram

Limerince was born on September 15, 2005. She is 16 years old TikTok star. As per astrology, she is a Virgo. Looking for her name on Instagram, many accounts pop up. 

However, her @uncaress Instagram account consists of posts and many stories featuring knives. She showcases her body on every social media she is using. Her stories contain lots of clips.

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She has a very thin waistline and big hips. She might have been working on her figure and working on her food habit, as well as it is not easy to keep physical fitness at all times.

Limerince’s real name must be Sasha Sanchez. Since there is not much information on her personal life, it is difficult to extract more of her detail. She has created her account on different social media platforms.

Her Tiktok account is under the username @limerince with 346.2K followers. She has accumulated 7.1M likes. However, her videos are more into showcasing her styles, yet she successfully gained more followers.

She created her Reddit account on February 13, 2022. Her account is under the username @sashasanchex. There are 3.6K members. Her followers and likes are as per March 2022.



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