How to get rid of snakes in the garden naturally

How to get rid of snakes in the garden. , possibly naturally, is a thought of many. Especially for those who have a piece of land available and want to avoid unpleasant encounters. If most of the snakes that one can find in Italy are neither dangerous nor poisonous, this does not mean that they are a source of discomfort and concern.

Between snake traps and other remedies, let’s see how to get snakes out of your garden.

How to recognize a snake from a viper

A chance encounter with a reptile is often a cause for fear, but don’t panic. Before you get anxious, it’s helpful to understand whether or not what you’re facing is dangerous. Not all snakes, in fact, are vipers .

But even if they do, they don’t necessarily attack. Unlike snakes, vipers may attempt to bite if they are caught off guard or feel threatened. They have two venomous front fangs that leave a deep mark in case of a bite. Snakes, on the other hand, are not poisonous. : a bite from them can hurt, but does not cause worrying consequences.

For the series “know your enemy” among the typical characteristics of snakes is above all its color. They are usually dark, either brown or light green, but are usually not brightly colored or too bright. As for the main difference with the viper, however, it lies in the pupil.

In the snake, as in most non-venomous snakes, it is round. In the viper it is elliptical in shape. The latter also has a particular head, which is so different from the body and has a triangular shape. On the other hand, in the snake it is almost one with the rest, and it has a rounded shape.

How to get rid of snakes in the garden.

Good. Find out what snakes are like while doing a keep them away from gardens, basements and garages? It can be helpful to know what snakes hate and stock it accordingly. What keeps snakes away?

  • Some common foods can help keep them away. this is garlic onion and calendula . All three are not welcome on the olfactory level of snakes. It is no accident that snakes autonomously keep themselves away from the gardens in which they grow. You can use this information to your advantage.
  • Completely delimiting the area surrounding the garden can help. To do this, use a thick fence that does not have holes to avoid the risk that these reptiles can enter without being disturbed.
  • There are also gods in the market. odorous repellents for reptiles . You can find them in specialized stores but also online. They are generally not dangerous to humans or animals. They are simply not to the liking of the latter and that is why they keep their distance. They also work with lizards and geckos.
  • One of the best known ways to avoid snakes in the garden is to move the ground so that vibrations are emitted to scare them away. Even the lawnmower can only be useful for this purpose. But you could use various other tricks instead, such as an electric generator, older generation doorbells usually found on country house doors.
  • Continuing with the theme of vibrations, those of also serve to scare away snakes or repellents that generate vibrations. These are tools placed on the ground that emit vibrations that reach large areas and are capable of scaring snakes.
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DIY snake trap

Another way to naturally keep snakes away is to create a DIY Snake Trap . It is an economical and ingenious solution that will allow you to capture them. Get a fairly large plastic bottle, scissors, and a lure.

Remove odors from the bottle and cut a small hole with scissors. Place the bait inside and leave the trap in an area where the snake is likely to pass. How can its effectiveness be explained? Due to the fact that, swallowing the bait, the snake will no longer be able to get out of the bottle, since it will be larger than when it entered.

However, we do not recommend resorting to poison for snakes and vipers . Although some products belonging to this category are not harmful to humans, they will cause the death of the reptile. And this would still be avoided.

How to find a snake at home?

How to do, instead, a take out a snake entered the house? Here the speech is more delicate, because the snakes do not make sounds, they are not noisy, they could hardly be heard crawling on the ground.

In this case we advise you to pay attention to the abnormal behavior of your pets; review the different rooms and gradually close the inspected ones; lower the temperature in the house and set traps, perhaps even leaving a bait that will attract them. These are the best methods if you are wondering how to get rid of a snake .

How to get rid of snakes naturally?

There are also little tricks to put in place to scare away or scare reptiles that want to stop in our garden. If they are here it is because they are looking for food or shelter. Therefore, what we must do is avoid creating a favorable environment for them.

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Among the most common tips on how to keep snakes and vipers and black snakes away are those of:

  • ban food from the garden But not only ours. Eliminate the space also the food of the pets, that of any bird or that of the chickens, if you have them.
  • Mow the lawn often . Tall grass or a shabby garden is the perfect hiding place for reptiles. Keeping it as clean as possible will remove them more easily.
  • Pruning of bushes and trees . For the reason mentioned above, it is to create an environment that cannot leave room for hiding places.
  • To avoid excess water the lawn as moisture attracts earthworms and earthworms, but also animals such as frogs and snails. All food in the eyes of snakes.
  • Avoid leaving the wood stacked in a place very close to the house. Woodpiles are a perfect hiding place for reptiles. And not just for them. At most, cover them completely with a nylon sheet so they can’t slip between one wood and another.
  • Avoid decorating the outside area with boulders or stones of a certain size that could be used by snakes to hide.
  • ponds, fountains but also small puddles or puddles attract snakes, keep this in mind if you have them in the garden.
  • Seal off any following crepes , crevices are among many reptiles’ favorite hiding places. Snakes climb walls, and would eventually enter them.

Snake in the garden, who to call

If you have found a snake in the garden, you suspect it is dangerous and you are wondering who to call , you should dial 112. From here you will be directed to the most appropriate Entity or Organization. That could be the Forest Guard, as well as the Fire Brigade.

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Remember that by law you cannot remove wildlife from its natural environment, from its habitat. Also because we remember that even snakes, although not welcome to many, play an important role in ours. ecosystem .

Among other things, they hunt mice. So the snake must simply move after it has been recognized. Various animal welfare associations also deal with this.

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