How to drive away snakes?

Do you live in the countryside or in areas with a concentration of reptiles, snakes or snakes? It is likely that on some occasion you have found a snake or snake in your garden, and you are worried that they may enter the house, endangering your safety and that of your family in the face of this problem. If you are looking for solutions to this situation, we recommend you pay attention to this article in which we give recommendations and advice on how to ward off snakes.

When it comes to repelling snakes, it’s not always easy to get rid of them. It is not about killing them, snakes are necessary for the ecosystem, if not, simply to move them away to be able to live much more peacefully.


The first thing you should do to drive away snakes is to identify the type of snake that is around your house in order to find the most effective method. Not all snakes are the same and therefore do not behave in the same way.

Depending on the area in which you live and the climate, you will find one species of snake or another, its level of danger will also depend on it. For this, it is best to take a picture of it when you find it and show it to a pest professional, who will tell you what to do.

On the other hand, avoid using poisons or chemical repellents on your own, as these are harmful to the environment, to pets, and even to people. Also, there are some snake pesticides that are banned. Also, you should know that the use of traps and repellents are a patch, which will not free you from the problem in the future. To prevent and chase them away, it is also necessary to be familiar with them and their behavior.

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Snakes are fans of rocky areas and even debris, so if you can move rocks or debris away from your home, they are your perfect guard.

How is the behavior of a snake?

It is best to treat all snakes with respect, especially those that are harmless. But, first of all, it is convenient to take into account certain aspects such as:

  • They are seasonal animals. They prefer heat, although with it they become slower. There are even species that hibernate during the summer. However, they become more active in the hot months.
  • Their reproductive season is the spring and early summer months. They also reproduce in different ways.
  • Faced with temperatures, they tend to behave very similarly to other living beings. When it is very hot they look for shade and when it is cold they look for areas where the sun’s rays affect. Therefore, it is not surprising that you find them in areas of soil where there is sun.
  • They can survive several weeks without eating.
  • They smell with their tongues. Therefore, repellent products have very little effectiveness with them.
  • They are deaf. The way they perceive sounds is through the vibration of the ground.
  • They are nomads. They travel long distances in search of food and water.


The first thing you should know is that there is no truly effective or universal snake repellent. However, we can find some solutions with acceptable results, such as the mixture of naphthalene and sulfur.

The first thing to know about mothballs is that the balls contain a strong neurotoxin, which can be toxic to children and dogs. This mixture gives off a terrible smell that scares away snakes , but the consequences they can cause must also be assessed.

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You can also create a dry repellent yourself with mothballs and red pepper, all crushed creating a line around the perimeter of your garden. To be effective, you must renew it once a month and after it has rained. If you prefer, you can create a liquid repellent by mixing ammonia and detergent with lemon, with which to spray the areas that you want to keep free of snakes. You should apply this mixture every two weeks.

Plants to repel snakes are not a definitive remedy but they can help. Snakes collect molecules on their tongues that later pass through their Jacobson’s organ, this is their way of smelling since they have no nose. This extraordinary sense of smell can be affected by some plants with strong odors, for example thallium, wild garlic, lemongrass… These types of plants give off a strong odor and can act to ward off snakes , but as we mentioned, it is not a definitive remedy.

Finally, cats and pigs are excellent natural repellants against snakes. Cats are very fast and active hunters that will keep snakes away.


One of the best ways to keep snakes away is to build a fence or fence around the entire perimeter of your yard and home . On the other hand, the best way to avoid snakes is to keep the garden neat and clean, mow the lawn and trim the bushes.

Avoid elements that can attract them such as bushes, haystacks or piles of wood. The gardens are the perfect habitat for snakes to proliferate, the foliage, the humidity and the harvests that we can have in our small orchards, are the reasons for this.

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Remove trash, as snakes often come looking for food.

If you have already tried all these indications, but you cannot solve the problem. We recommend you inform yourself about our pest control services specialized in snakes

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