How long does a cat sleep?

Surely your cat spends most of the day lying down resting. Have you ever wondered if Is it normal for him to sleep so much? There are several factors that influence a cat’s resting time, such as age, environment or time of year. Also, as you know, cats are nocturnal animals so its most active moments occur while you sleep. In this article we show you how much a cat sleeps.

How many hours does a cat sleep?

adult domestic cats they sleep about 15 hours a day. This time is reduced when they have access to the outdoors or are wild. Newborn kittens and elderly cats sleep up to 20 hours. Sleep time is often very related to the level of stimulation and activity. In other words, the more bored your cat is and the fewer stimuli he has to distract himself, the more time he will spend asleep.

Space in a house is limited and for many cats it may be insufficient. Cats that go outside have the opportunity to explore new places every day and hunt prey, as well as being more alert to danger. This makes cats more active and spend less time sleeping.

Why do cats sleep so much?

The reasons why cats sleep so much vary if we are talking about adult cats, kittens or the elderly. Also, you should keep in mind that the cat sleep cycles They are completely different from ours. They take small naps that are distributed throughout the day, they don’t sleep often like us.

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There are many reasons why cats sleep so muchbut the reason most accepted by experts is the feline instinct. Cats are predators and hunting prey requires a great deal of energy, produced by the high levels of adrenaline that are produced and caloric wear. This is why they need to rest to replenish energy. Although your cat is domestic and does not hunt, his nature makes him have a sleep cycle similar to the one he would have if he were wild. On the other hand, it also influences temperature; in winter they sleep longer to save energy and keep warm. The boredom due to lack of stimulation and toys also increases the hours of sleep.

How long does a baby cat sleep? Why do you sleep more hours than an adult?

As we have already mentioned, kittens can sleep up to 20 hours a dayso we shouldn’t be surprised if they spend 90% of their time resting.

Kittens do not have developed neural connections during their first days of life. That is why they cannot interact and sleep most of the time. When they reach a month or a month and a half they begin to sleep less and interact more, doing so progressively until their hours of sleep are equal to those of an adult cat.

It is important to know that kittens grow and develop during their breaks. This is so because growth hormone has its highest secretion peak during deep sleep. That is why their 20 hours of sleep are essential when they are puppies.

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How long does an elderly cat sleep? why do they sleep so much?

Older cats sleep, like puppies, more hours than adult cats. Mainly it is because they are less active and in worse physical condition. With age they become more sedentary and this causes a loss of muscle mass, limiting their ability to run or jump. In addition, elderly cats can suffer from joint wear and loss of mobility. All this, together with the fact that the level of interaction is usually reduced and they play less, leads to them spending more time sleeping.

It is a mistake to think that older cats do not need stimulation and play, so do not stop playing with your feline and challenging it when it begins to age!

Is it bad that my cat sleeps so much?

Cats that sleep too much and have little activity can become be overweight. This will make them less agile, less eager to move, and generally less healthy and more prone to disease. That is why it is very important that you offer him the necessary stimuli to keep your mind active and promote exercise.

There are many interactive and intelligence toys with which to test your cat’s brain and skills. Games that awaken their hunting instinct by simulating prey or that hide rich prizes that they have to get. In addition, there are also special feeders or dispensers that turn mealtime into a stimulation exercise.

Equally, it is very important to respect the cat’s sleep hours since they are essential to replenish energy, maintain health and the proper functioning of the body and have a good mood.

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Now that you know how long a cat sleeps, tell us how much time yours spends resting and if it has diurnal or nocturnal habits!

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