How are rottweilers with children?

Before we start talking about what Rottweilers are like with children, it’s important to make it clear that there are no breeds of “potentially dangerous dogs” (PPP), only incorrect training or education on the part of humans. Dogs included in the PPP list, such as those of the Pit Bull, Doberman or American Staffordshire breed, are on it for a number of reasons. common morphological features that they can become dangerous, but that does not mean that they are.

Let’s know a little more about the rottweiler breed

To know how Rottweilers are with children, we first have to know what their personality is like and the characteristics of their breed. Rottweilers are one very robust dogs, muscular and with great strength; His breed is not one of the largest, but it has a very corpulent and heavy morphology that makes it classify as a potentially dangerous dog.

This breed is one of the oldest herding dogs to guide and guard livestock, but has also worked as a police dog, including during the First and Second World Wars and as a guard dog due to its strong character in dangerous situations. He was also very famous by the name “rottweil butcher dog“, a name that was born in Germany, when this breed helped butchers with aggressive cattle.

Despite their strong appearance, Rottweilers have a calm and balanced character, only a correct socialization is necessary From puppyhood, a familiar and affectionate treatment, and a good education. If the environment where the dog lives is adequate, with a responsible and respectful family that gives him a correct education, the rottweiler will make an excellent petwith an unbeatable relationship with both dogs and people.

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Rottweilers are a feared breed of dog because many irresponsible owners have poorly educated them, even training them to attack. Today this breed suffers from its use in dog fighting, sparring or, simply as a guard dog, abandoned on a farm without the love and dedication of a family. These attitudes of humans make this race be seen as dangerous, but there are much less corpulent dogs, such as cocker spaniels, of which more cases of biting children have been recorded than in the rottweiler or pit bull breedboth classified as PPP.

Rottweiler relationship with children and family

How are rottweilers with children? as the children are with the rottweiler; In this simple way we answer the question of the article. This breed, like any other, will behave with children in the same way that it has been treated, if the dog receives affection, respect and tranquility, that will be the same as transmitting.

We must never forget that no matter how good the rottweiler dog is, it will never have the same strength or size as a small dog. By this we mean that, during any innocent game with children or adults, it can cause harm, but always unintentionally, just as any other dog could do regardless of its breed.

The rottweiler is a intelligent and very obedient dog, but he is also protective, so you will always protect your family first and foremost. If you are thinking of acquiring a dog of this breed, you should take its care into account and think about whether you are prepared and have the ability to control its size and physical strength. But, most important of all, is that you have time to give him a good puppy education and socializationalways from respect and never with a negative training.

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If you need help knowing how to properly educate your dog, you can turn to an ethologist or canine educator. Also, you can learn a lot about a correct education with the wide variety of dog books that venomoussnakes puts at your disposalincluding dog language books with which you will learn to better understand everything your pet needs.

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