Home remedies to eliminate intestinal parasites

All dogs suffer from intestinal parasites at various times throughout their lives, and also from other types of internal worms that can affect their lungs or heart. That is why it is so important to deworm them periodically.

This type of worms and worms can be transmitted to humans, so we must be even more cautious if possible. From SoyunPerro we have compiled a series of home remedies to eliminate worms in dogs, we hope they will help you.

Are home remedies effective?

Yes, natural medicine, available to everyone in our kitchens, It is efficient in the prevention and control of intestinal worms.according to scientific studies.

However, they should always be used under the supervision of a veterinarian, to make sure that they are having their effect and properly protecting our dog. Never use them on your own without an expert in animal medicine advising yousince each dog is different.

In cases of heavy infestation, the antiparasitics of the ivermecin group are preferred due to their rapid effectiveness. The combined therapy of antiparasitic tablets and natural medicine can be used, always under medical supervision.

Home remedies for worms in dogs

Let’s begin to see which are those products and foods that, thanks to their composition, are excellent for the treatment of worms and/or worms. remember to always use the quantities indicated by your veterinarian, since depending on the age of the dog and its weight, doses are highly variable.

Some of these remedies are beneficial in small amounts but very harmful in large amounts, please do not experiment on your own, you could put your dog’s health at risk.

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The part of the pumpkin that we are going to use are its raw seeds. Pumpkin seeds contain up to 35% cucurbitacin, an active ingredient that has anthelmintic properties. The way to use them is grinding the seeds and adding them to their food, since they are a very effective natural anthelmintic. The indicative dose is one small spoonful of crushed seeds for every ten kilos of weight.


Did you know that dogs can eat pineapple? Thanks to the anti-inflammatory and immunostimulating activity of bromelain (according to scientific reports from the Paulista School of Medicine of the Federal University of São Paulo), pineapple active ingredient we can use it in pets with parasitosis, to attenuate the gastrointestinal lesions caused by these parasites.


We must be very careful with garlic since in large quantities it can be very toxic. However, in small amounts It is an excellent antibiotic and immunostimulant. with a great antiparasitic effect, to help eliminate worms and worms.

Areca palm seeds

these seeds act as a powerful antiparasitic and also effectively reduce the symptoms of the infestation, also helping to regulate the dog’s nervous system. As with pumpkin seeds, we must crush them and give them in their food, in the quantity indicated by the veterinarian.


In vitro studies have shown that wormwood extract has an anthelmintic effect. It should be noted that there are parts of the plant that contain a substance called tannins, which can be very strong for your dog. and irritating to your liver and kidneys.

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Carrots are an excellent snack for dogs and it has been shown that dogs that eat carrots, are less likely to suffer from internal parasites. Breaking off small pieces that we will add to their food, they will not be fully digested and will help to wash the worms out with the feces.


Always under the supervision of a veterinarian, fasting can help a dog get rid of most of the worms. By not receiving food, they will be expelled or even come out by themselves through the rectum with the feces.

How to know if a dog has worms?

You can notice through unusual symptoms in your pet such as mucous stools (with phlegm) and bloody, decay, loss of appetite, licks the anus a lot.

If the infestation in little many times the eggs are not visible in the stool. On the other hand, if the process has been established for a long time, the worms will come out in the feces.

However, the worms that affect the heart and lungs are not appreciated at first sight, so it is always necessary to check the dog in a veterinary clinic. Keeping our dog free of internal parasites will make it a healthier, happier and long-lived dog.

How is the unnatural treatment to combat parasites?

Faced with a large infestation of parasites, natural medicine is slower, compared to the multiple damages that parasites cause in your pet, so we can use it combined with antiparasitics for industrial usealways under medical prescription.

In all veterinary clinics they sell tablets from the benzimidazole group, which we must give our dog once every three months, to keep them healthy and protected. These pills are quite cheap and we simply have to mix them with their food.

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But depending on the type of worms you have, some like giardia or the well-known heartworm, require more aggressive treatment with antibiotics for them to be effective. Hence the importance of always having a veterinarian supervise deworming.

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