Grey Snake Sightings on the Rise in Louisiana

Grey Snakes on the Prowl in Louisiana

Grey snakes are becoming increasingly common in Louisiana, with sightings of the species on the rise. The grey snake, also known as the eastern rat snake, is a non-venomous species native to the southeastern United States. It is typically found in wooded areas and is known for its ability to climb trees and other structures.

What Does a Grey Snake Look Like?

The grey snake is a medium-sized species that can reach up to five feet in length. It has a slender body with smooth scales and a light gray or brownish coloration. Its head is usually darker than its body, and it has two yellow stripes running down its back. The underside of the snake is usually white or yellowish in color.

Why Are Grey Snakes Becoming More Common?

There are several factors that may be contributing to the increased sightings of grey snakes in Louisiana. One possible explanation is that they are adapting to their environment better than other species of snakes. Grey snakes are known for their ability to climb trees and other structures, which gives them an advantage over other species when it comes to finding food and shelter.

In addition, grey snakes have been found to be more tolerant of human activity than some other species of snakes. This means that they may be more likely to survive in areas where humans are present, such as suburban neighborhoods or parks.

Finally, climate change may also be playing a role in the increased sightings of grey snakes in Louisiana. Warmer temperatures can create ideal conditions for these reptiles, allowing them to thrive even when other species may struggle due to extreme weather conditions.

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Are Grey Snakes Dangerous?

Grey snakes are generally not considered dangerous animals; however, they can bite if provoked or threatened. If you encounter a grey snake, it’s best to leave it alone and give it plenty of space so that it can move away from you without feeling threatened. If you must handle one for any reason, use caution and wear protective gloves if possible.

What Should I Do If I See a Grey Snake?

If you see a grey snake in your yard or near your home, there’s no need to panic; these animals typically pose no threat unless provoked or threatened. However, if you’re concerned about their presence near your home or property, contact your local wildlife agency for advice on how best to handle the situation safely and humanely.

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