Forbidden foods for your dog

When these endearing parties arrive, in addition to affection, we share food. And it is that we have been preparing dinners and meals for these holidays for several weeks to be able to enjoy with our family and friends. Among our friends is our dog, so we must remember what types of food are prohibited for him.

As much as we want our little friend to be part of the feast we are putting on, we must take care of his health and show him affection in other ways. Therefore, as the title of this article says, we are going to go further. Not only are we going to tell you what foods you cannot give your dog at Christmas, but we will tell you which ones you can make him a part of. Because in my animals we care about you and your pets.

Forbidden foods for your dog


As number 1. It is the forbidden food par excellence, since in addition to sugar being harmful to the animal, chocolate contains a type of substance called theobromine that can not only harm your dog but can even kill him.

Ice creams

We already know that while you are having dinner, your dog will ask you for everything you are eating. But don’t forget that they just want to eat and eat. It is your responsibility to decide what you will give him and what not. Ice cream is not an option. The high content of cream (dairy product) can do a lot of damage to your animal’s stomach.

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Forget giving your dog almonds, walnuts, or any type of seed. These have a high phosphorus content and can seriously damage your animal’s body. Also, nuts are toxic to them.


Although it is a substance mostly found in chewing gum, at Christmas there are many baking products that contain it. These also tend to have a high sugar content, something very harmful for your dog.


This can be very present in salads or shrimp cocktails. Resist the idea of ​​involving your dog in it. Avocado has a substance called Persin that can cause gastrointestinal and respiratory damage in your friend.


No no and no. You do not want your dog to participate in the chimes eating grapes. There are known cases that for only 6 grapes, dogs have suffered from kidney failure. They can cause vomiting and diarrhea leaving the dog dehydrated and can die in 3 or 4 days.

onion and garlic

A dog’s stomach is not as prepared as ours for such strong flavors and These two can cause great damage to your animal. Avoid them completely.

The milk products

As in the case of ice cream, milk, yogurt or cheese are prohibited for dogs. In addition to its high lactose content, its excess fat is not beneficial for your body.

Foods that you can give your dog at Christmas

That all the previous list is prohibited to share with your dog, It doesn’t mean there isn’t anything you can give him. Here are some recommendations:

  • Sherbets. Make no mistake. We are not talking about the typical champagne sorbet, but about the type of ice cream that is used to make it. It is an ice cream without milk that your animal can eat without problem. Just avoid giving it too cold.
  • Fruit. Although you cannot give him grapes, there are others types of fruit such as apple, pineapple or watermelon that can be eaten without problems.
  • Turkey. Don’t forget to save a piece of turkey for your best friend. If you have stewed it instead of baking it, wash it with water beforehand so that there are no remains of onion or garlic on it.
  • Seafood. You can’t give too much, but you can give him a shrimp, yes, without shell. The shell can cause constipation. If your dog is a Dalmatian, forget this tip.
  • Lactose-free foods. If there is someone intolerant to lactose in the family and you have lactose-free foods such as cheese, you can give a piece to your dog. You will love it.
  • Ham. Nobody rejects a piece of york or serrano ham. Neither does your dog.
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We hope you spend happy holidays surrounded by those who love you, including your dog. And may everyone enjoy a wonderful evening without any mishap.

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