Exotic African Egg Eating Snake Now Available for Purchase

Exotic African Egg Eating Snake Now Available for Purchase

The Perfect Pet for Reptile Enthusiasts

Reptile enthusiasts, rejoice! The exotic African egg eating snake is now available for purchase. This unique species of snake is native to the African continent and is known for its unusual diet of eggs. It is a fascinating creature that can make an interesting and rewarding pet.

The African egg eating snake, also known as the Dasypeltis scabra, is a non-venomous constrictor that can grow up to three feet in length. It has a slender body with smooth scales and a light brown coloration with darker brown markings. Its head is slightly wider than its body and it has small eyes with vertical pupils.

A Unique Diet of Eggs

The most interesting thing about the African egg eating snake is its diet. Unlike other snakes, which feed on rodents or other small animals, this species feeds exclusively on eggs. It will swallow eggs whole and then use its sharp teeth to crack open the shell before digesting the contents inside.

This unique diet makes it an ideal pet for those who don’t want to deal with live prey or frozen rodents. The African egg eating snake can be fed chicken eggs or quail eggs, which are readily available at most pet stores or online retailers.

Easy to Care For

In addition to being easy to feed, the African egg eating snake is also relatively easy to care for. It requires a warm environment with temperatures between 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit at night. A humidity level of 50-60% should be maintained in order to keep your snake healthy and comfortable.

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The African egg eating snake should also have access to fresh water at all times and should be provided with hiding places such as logs or rocks in order to feel secure in its enclosure. A substrate such as coconut fiber or reptile bark should also be provided in order to help maintain humidity levels and provide your snake with something soft to crawl on.

A Fascinating Pet

The African egg eating snake makes an interesting and rewarding pet for those who are looking for something unique and exotic. Its unusual diet makes it easy to care for while its fascinating behavior will keep you entertained for hours on end! So if you’re looking for a new pet that’s sure to turn heads, look no further than the exotic African egg eating snake!