Can I give ​​popcorn to my dog?

It sounds like a fantastic plan to spend the afternoon or evening on the sofa at home with a good movie or series and enjoy some delicious popcorn. Our dog, how could it be otherwise, will stare at us to know that we are eating and if possible, that we give him a little.

However, popcorn isn’t the best food for dogs, though it really isn’t for humans either. So at general levels it is not a good idea to give our dog popcorn, but there are always exceptions, which we explain below.

Popcorn is not good for dogs

Let’s start by analyzing the nutritional properties of popcorn for dogs, which are zero. Corn is a cereal that is not very recommended for dogs because they can’t process it right and also does not have a positive nutritional contribution for them.

So on the one hand the corn it causes bad digestion and on the other it does not nourish them. It does not matter if the corn is ground or heated and popped, the nutritional contribution and its digestibility are still just as bad for our dog, for any dog.

On the other hand, when we eat popcorn, we usually cook it with butter or oil, and with lime or sugar, to give it flavor. These fats are very bad for us. dog and sodium is also super bad for dogs. This will cause short-term dehydration and long-term obesity in our dog. Also if they eat too much salt they could even suffer fatal shock, ending their lives.

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When can I give my dog ​​popcorn?

Actually, our recommendation is that you never give your dog popcorn, as it is not good for him, it is not nutritional, and he cannot digest it well. However, we all know how persistent they can be with their “give me a little please” look.

In those cases, as long as the popcorn is without salt, sugar, butter, salt or anything else added (and of course never microwave popcorn), you can give him one. After a while another, and so on until completing a small handful of five or six popcorn. Namely, a little popcorn without additives will not kill your dogalthough they are not beneficial for him.

The problem is that if you give him one, he will want another and another and another. That is why it is important to teach our dog not to ask for food when we are eating, something very simple. There are many healthy alternatives to give a dog as a snack, such as dog-friendly fruits or certain vegetables.

What to do if my dog ​​accidentally eats popcorn?

First of all we must calculate the amount of popcorn you have eaten. If the popcorn is without additives, you may just have indigestion that will cause vomiting or diarrhea. But if the popcorn had fat or salt on it, then it’s a veterinary emergency.

There is no effective home remedy To cure a dog that has eaten a lot of popcorn with salt, butter/oil or sugar, it is absolutely necessary to go to a veterinarian to analyze the severity and apply an appropriate and proportional treatment.

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Remember that salt (sodium) is so bad for dogs that it is considered a poison. This means that eating too much salt can seriously endanger your life. Yes or yes, you will have to go to the vet.

Healthy alternatives to popcorn

For our dog there are many other healthy snacks that we can give him when we are eating popcorn, so he will also be eating something and will not be jealous or look at us with those little eyes that only he knows how to put on.

  • Fresh or dried fruit: There are many fruits such as apples, pears, bananas, or peaches that dogs can eat and are delicious for them, as well as nutritious.
  • Vegetables: You will be surprised to know how many dogs love to eat small pieces of carrots, for example, which they love and are very nutritious. Discover all the vegetables that dogs can eat.
  • Homemade dog biscuits: Commercial dog biscuits may contain preservatives and ingredients that are not very beneficial for a dog. But instead, we can create our own dog biscuits ourselves with this simple recipe.

As you can see, there are many options for popcorn, so avoid letting your dog eat popcorn at all times and if he insistently asks you, give him one of these natural alternatives so that he is happy.

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