Black Snake Brewing Company: Crafting Delicious Beer Since 2009

The Birth of Black Snake Brewing Company

In 2009, two friends, John and Steve, decided to take their love of craft beer to the next level. With a shared passion for creating unique and delicious brews, they founded Black Snake Brewing Company in the small town of St. Louis, Missouri. The two had been homebrewing for years and wanted to bring their creations to the public.

John and Steve started out small, brewing batches in their garage with a few pieces of equipment. They quickly gained a following among local beer enthusiasts who appreciated their unique flavors and styles. Word spread quickly about Black Snake Brewing Company’s delicious beers and soon they were able to expand their operations into a larger facility.

A Growing Business

Since its inception in 2009, Black Snake Brewing Company has grown exponentially. The company now produces over 20 different beers ranging from light lagers to dark stouts. They have also expanded their distribution network to include several states across the Midwest as well as parts of Canada.

Black Snake Brewing Company has also become known for its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. All of their beers are brewed using renewable energy sources such as solar power and wind turbines. They also use locally sourced ingredients whenever possible in order to reduce their carbon footprint.

Unique Flavors & Styles

Black Snake Brewing Company is known for its unique flavors and styles that set it apart from other craft breweries. Their flagship beer is the “Black Snake IPA,” which is an American-style India Pale Ale with a bold hop flavor balanced by a smooth maltiness. Other popular beers include the “Snakebite Stout,” which is a robust oatmeal stout with notes of coffee and chocolate; the “Cobra Kolsch,” which is a light German-style ale; and the “Rattlesnake Red Ale,” which is an amber ale with hints of caramel and roasted malt flavors.

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In addition to these core beers, Black Snake Brewing Company also offers seasonal releases throughout the year such as pumpkin ales, winter warmers, summer shandies, and more! These special releases are always highly anticipated by fans of the brewery who look forward to trying something new each season.

Award-Winning Beer

Over the years, Black Snake Brewing Company has earned numerous awards for its beers including gold medals at both the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) and World Beer Cup (WBC). These awards are testament to John and Steve’s commitment to creating high-quality craft beer that stands out from other breweries in terms of flavor profile, aroma, appearance, mouthfeel, balance, complexity, drinkability, overall impression—and most importantly—taste!

Visit Black Snake Brewing Co.

If you’re ever in St Louis or any other city where Black Snake Brewing Co.’s beers are available be sure to stop by one of their taprooms or visit one of their many partner bars or restaurants! You can also find them online at where you can learn more about them as well as purchase merchandise such as t-shirts or growlers filled with your favorite brews!