Beware: Snakes Can Crawl Into Your Car!

Snakes Can Slither Into Your Car Unnoticed

Snakes are one of the most feared animals in the world. They can be found in almost every corner of the globe, and they come in all shapes and sizes. While some snakes are harmless, others can be deadly. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that snakes can also crawl into their cars.

Why Would a Snake Crawl Into a Car?

Snakes are cold-blooded creatures, so they need to regulate their body temperature by basking in the sun or seeking shelter from the heat. Cars provide an ideal environment for snakes because they are warm and dark. Snakes may also be attracted to cars because of food sources such as rodents or insects that may have taken up residence inside the car.

How Can You Tell if a Snake is Inside Your Car?

The first sign that you may have a snake inside your car is an unpleasant smell. Snakes produce a musky odor that can be detected even when they’re hiding in small spaces like under the seats or in the glove compartment. You may also notice droppings or shed skin around your car, which could indicate that a snake has been living there for some time.

What Should You Do if You Find a Snake Inside Your Car?

If you find a snake inside your car, it’s important to remain calm and take action quickly. The first step is to identify what type of snake it is so you can determine whether it’s venomous or not. If it’s not venomous, you can try to remove it yourself using gloves and a long stick or broom handle. If it is venomous, however, you should call animal control immediately for assistance with removal and relocation of the snake.

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How Can You Prevent Snakes From Entering Your Car?

The best way to prevent snakes from entering your car is to keep it clean and free of food sources such as rodents or insects. Make sure all windows and doors are closed tightly when not in use, and check underneath your car regularly for any signs of snakes or other pests. Additionally, you should avoid parking near areas where snakes are known to live such as wooded areas or tall grasses.


Snakes can be dangerous creatures, but with proper precautions you can protect yourself from them entering your car uninvited. By keeping your car clean and free of food sources, avoiding areas where snakes live, and taking quick action if one does enter your vehicle, you can help ensure that these slithering creatures stay out of your vehicle for good!