Audubon Zoo Unveils Rare Two-Headed Snake

Two-Headed Snake Unveiled at Audubon Zoo

Audubon Zoo in New Orleans, Louisiana recently unveiled a rare two-headed snake. The snake, which is believed to be a corn snake, is the first of its kind to be seen in the zoo. The two-headed snake has been named “Double Trouble” by the zookeepers and has become an instant hit with visitors.

What Causes Two-Headed Snakes?

Two-headed snakes are extremely rare and are caused by a genetic mutation known as polycephaly. This mutation occurs when an embryo begins to develop two heads instead of one. While this mutation can occur in any species of snake, it is most commonly seen in corn snakes due to their popularity as pets.

The exact cause of polycephaly is unknown, but it is believed to be caused by environmental factors such as exposure to toxins or radiation. It can also be caused by genetic abnormalities or mutations that occur during embryonic development.

Double Trouble’s Unique Characteristics

Double Trouble has two distinct heads that are connected at the neck and share one body. Each head has its own set of eyes and tongue, but they cannot move independently from each other. Double Trouble also has two hearts and two sets of lungs, which allow it to breathe normally despite having two heads.

The zookeepers have noticed that Double Trouble often moves in circles due to its unique anatomy, but it can still move around its enclosure with ease. It also appears to have a strong appetite and eats twice as much food as a normal corn snake would eat.

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The Future for Double Trouble

Due to its rarity, Double Trouble will remain on display at Audubon Zoo for the foreseeable future so that visitors can get a chance to see this unique creature up close. The zookeepers are monitoring Double Trouble closely and providing it with the best care possible so that it can live a long and healthy life at the zoo.

In addition, Audubon Zoo is working with researchers from around the world who are studying polycephaly in snakes in order to better understand this rare condition and how it affects these animals’ lives. By studying Double Trouble, researchers hope to gain insight into how polycephaly affects snakes’ behavior and physiology so that they can better care for these animals in captivity.


Double Trouble is an amazing creature that has captivated visitors at Audubon Zoo since its unveiling earlier this year. Its unique anatomy provides researchers with an opportunity to learn more about polycephaly in snakes so that they can better care for these animals in captivity. If you’re ever in New Orleans, make sure you stop by Audubon Zoo and take a look at this incredible two-headed snake!

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