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Explore 10 Most Beautiful Snakes In The World

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Prepare to be mesmerized as we embark on a captivating journey through the realm of the most 10 beautiful snakes in the world. From the depths of lush rainforests to the arid landscapes of deserts, these magnificent serpents adorn themselves with an exquisite array of colors, patterns, and grace. Their striking appearances, reminiscent of an artist’s palette, have captivated the hearts and minds of nature enthusiasts and snake lovers alike. Get ready to witness nature’s living masterpieces, as we delve into the enchanting world of the most beautiful snakes in the world. Brace yourself for an exploration of unparalleled elegance, breathtaking hues, and the sheer wonder that nature bestows upon us.

Corn Snake – United States

Corn Snake

The Corn Snake is a common rat snake found throughout the central and southeastern regions of the United States. Their typical habitat includes forests, swamps, fields and other covered areas. They are among the prettiest snakes on our list.

Corn snakes are actively climbing the popular pet list. Today, they have become a common pet for snake lovers. This snake is the second most wanted pet of all Serpentes.

Over the years, breeders have changed the original colors of these animals. If you’re looking to buy your next pet, you’ll find them in brown, red, gray, beige, and tan color variations. Their colors and patterns are beautiful but don’t let that scare you as they are tame and non-poisonous.

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Eyelash viper – Costa Rica

Eyelash viper

Eyelash vipers are some of the most beautiful snakes in the world. This snake is a subspecies within the Pit Viper family. The name comes from the scales raised above the eyes to form similar eyelashes. They are home to the rainforests of Central and South America. They prefer a humid climate with lots of vegetation and cover.

You will see them hiding in the foliage with red, yellow, brown, green, pink and even a mixture of body colors. You’re more likely to see an eyelash viper with a bright yellow body. Some farmers have to be careful because they blend very well with banana plantations.

These snakes have retractable fangs in their upper jaws. When the animal feels threatened, it will show its fangs as a warning signal before they strike. They are one of the most colorful venomous snakes in the world. A juvenile has enough venom to kill a human with one blow. Don’t get too close as they are one of the fastest striking snakes in the world.

Emerald Tree Boa – Amazon

Emerald Tree Boa

Emerald Tree Boas are among some of the most beautiful tree snakes in the world. People know them for their vibrant green bodies and ability to blend into the foliage of trees. These snakes are popular in South American ecosystems, especially within the Amazon.

You can see them clinging to branches in the upper canopy or on shrubs near the ground. They hide in low shrubbery which allows them to ambush passing rodents and other small animals.

Emerald tree boas have beautiful patterns of green with specks of white (often described as lightning bolts). Before they become adults, their color will be more of a light red or orange.

They are by no means venomous, but they can pack a punch when it comes to striking their prey. It’s best not to try to handle them as their bite will leave more than one mark.

Cape Cobra – South Africa

Cape Cobra

The Cape Cobra is another majestic looking snake. It looks similar to the iconic King Cobra that everyone knows. They roam the ground floor of dry and semi-dry biomes and climb trees. Cape Cobras will stalk towards vegetation when pursuing prey.

Cape Cobras are yellowish-brown with broad heads. Their body color and pattern allow them to blend in with the desert of South Africa.

The South African snake will raise its fore body when it senses a threat, revealing its characteristic cobra stance. It carries a significant amount of venom to subdue its prey. South Africans spotted them near homes, increasing the risk to humans. One bite will get you in serious trouble.

Green Mamba – East Africa

Green Mamba

The Green Mamba  ould take the cake as the most impressive snake in Africa. With its bright green and long lean body, the snake is sure to catch your eye. It must be the most beautiful snake in East Africa. If you seek one, look up into the canopy where it will match its surroundings.

Green mambas they are the most venomous of the Mamba family. Their venom is powerful enough to kill an enemy in less than 30 minutes. They are skittish with humans and will slip away most of the time.

Malaysian blue coral snake – Southeast Asia

Malaysian blue coral snak

Malayan blue coral snakes are one of the most beautiful snakes in Southeast Asia. They inhabit forested areas and spend most of their time on land.

Their heads, tails and bellies are bright red. The upper body is black with two blue stripes on the side.

The Malayan blue coral snake is highly venomous and has the power to kill anything that causes it. If you see one coiled up with its tail attached, that’s your warning sign to leave the area.

Albino Burmese Python – Southeast Asia

The albino Burmese python is another popular pet snake around the world. Pythons are common in Southeast Asia but have become invasive in other regions of the world. They are semi-aquatic animals and enjoy being surrounded by subtropical environments.

Their body is of an albino presence, with yellow and white. Patterns of yellow can often look more orange or caramel colored.

They get big and can outrun a human. Albino Burmese pythons are not venomous but they can harm a human if they feel threatened.

Common death adder – Australia

Death Adder

The Common Death Adder is home to Australia. They love semi-dry areas with a little leaf litter to hide under. It is common to see them in woodlands, shrublands, and forest cover areas.

Their bodies are short and thick. Their heads are flat and have bands of color. Death Adders are snakes colored with a mixture of blue, red, black, brown and gray. The belly may appear pinkish or cream colored.

Common Death Adders have the longest fangs of any Australian snake. Their venom is strong enough to harm or kill any victim of their bite. You may also hear a small rattle if you get too close.

Blue-Lipped Sea Krait – Asia

We had to add the Blue Lipped Sea Krait to the list. It’s a water snake, spending most of its time under the surface. They occupy the environments of the Indian Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Sea Kraits love coral and rocky bottom environments.

Their bodies are long and slender with small bands of color. The most typical colors include ocean blue and black.

They are venomous sea snakes that use venom to kill their prey. While they may behave meekly, their venom is equivalent to that of 10 rattlesnakes. The bright color of the band should give you a warning sign.

Sunbeam snake – Southeast Asia

Sunbeam snake

The sunbeam snake is one of the most beautiful snakes in the world.

They live in fields, rice paddies, marshes, shrublands and other areas of open land. Asia is the perfect biome for these creatures.

Their body is covered in iridescent scales, which help them blend in with their habitat.

When the sun reflects off their body, many colors are visible. You will notice the colors brown, blue, green, yellow, red and more. When young, a white collar of scales is evident until maturity.

The snake itself is non-venomous. If you handle or come across a sunbeam snake, it’s likely to flee or take a quick bite if it feels threatened.



In conclusion, we have embarked on a breathtaking journey through the mesmerizing world of the 10 most beautiful snakes. From the vibrant scales of the Rainbow Boa to the iridescent beauty of the Green Tree Python, these serpents have captivated our hearts and ignited our sense of wonder. Each snake showcased a unique combination of colors, patterns, and grace, reminding us of the incredible diversity and artistry found in nature.

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